In Need of Guidance

All my writing friends,

In publication of an erotica novel, do you spell it cum or come? I’m going back and forth in my head, wondering if cum is unprofessional….


After the things I did to her, it’s no surprise her body lay sprawled across our bed, breasts heaving, skin glistening in the few rays of light outside our window, little shivers still coursing through her body.

I love watching her after a long play session, as her pink skin turns pale again, the blush of adrenaline loses its mark across her face. She’s beautiful trussed up or spread out.

My little fuck toy does everything I want and more. She begs, kneels, dances, and moans for me. She is open to all my kinky fuckery and wants more every time. She worships at my feet, mouth open wide, little choking tears streaming down her face as I slam into the back of her throat again and again. Hands bound behind her so I control all.

Her upturned ass becomes red as my hand sings her praises. She’s always so ready for me, as a perfect fuck toy should be. I clutch her breasts as they bounce, twisting her nipples in time with my thrusts. Her moans become screams as I fuck her into perfect submission.

Now she lays enraptured and I sit here watching her, the moonbeams bouncing off her still form, tempting me. Impatiently I wait until I can have her again.

Totally done…

So this weekend, I was extremely productive though I felt like something you scrape off the bottom of your shoe on Friday. The entire house is spotless, all the laundry is complete (I actually need more space when everything is clean, odd), I have made my swatch and done everything to it, AND finished all the math (which if you know me, you know how physically painful that part was LOL). NOW, I am ready to start! I am going to attempt my first adult sized garment. It is a sweater a friend of mine found. I will be attempting to make that in the following weeks along with perfecting my animal-making skills (which suck serious ass)! On that note…11227379_10156423519610187_4972111076919746064_n.jpg

Have a great night everyone! Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!


SSSSOOOOOO…..I’ve been crazy busy lately with crochet orders and just plain old life, but I wanted to share a finished project with you all because it makes me so happy!

Meet my yarn haven! In the brown box is the yarn winder my husband got me for Christmas, which is how all my yarn is so nicely organized. And he graciously put together the shelves my mom’s gift card afforded me!

I may have a small yarn shop in my bedroom, but I’m OK with that 🙂