The Thanksgiving Weekend

I had a long and fulfilling weekend. My step-daughter got in on Tuesday and I only had a half day of work on Wednesday. Then the cooking began.

I am the chef in our house and was the one in charge of making Thanksgiving dinner. My husband smoked the turkey breast and the ham. I made traditional cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, candied carrots, and turkey gravy. Merry, my step-daughter, told me it was the best food she had ever had. It made me feel pretty good.

Then I taught her how to do the chain stitch and a single crochet while I made a giraffe lovey for a little boy turning one this weekend. It was busy, but I loved every single minute. I love my life and family. I am extremely blessed!


I know I’ve been gone. I really did try to come back in August, but I just wasn’t feeling it. The beginning of the school year was atrocious and took about a month to level out. And to top that off, I have been dealing with some serious anxiety and my new meds have taken a while to settle. I have had a hard time concentrating, which we all know equates to not being able to write properly.

Then the crochet season came in and I’ve been very busy with my side business. I’ve had to put up everything minus my job and the crochet hooks. It’s horrible, but I put off my writing to be able to make more money. I’ve done this crocheting thing every year around this time of year for several years now. That’s how I pay for Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the travel it entails. I’ve made some pretty awesome things this year and even hosted a class. The members of the class have asked for another in January, which is AWESOME!

I am currently working on proofing my novella and putting the last few touches on it while trying to finish my crochet projects that have been bought and paid for. Hopefully, things will slow down some here and I’ll be able to jump back into my writing. I will try to get on more often and drop some lines. Until then, please enjoy some pictures of what I have done in my absence.