Another installment of Grayson and Matilda

Grayson told Matilda not to move and stepped into a room adjoining his, presumably the bathroom. He came back with a clean washcloth and wiped her back off. The warm, wet towel felt nice against her skin and so did his hands. After cleaning her up, he ran his hands from her shoulders to her ass, growling deep in his belly. “Matilda, I hope you know how fucking sexy you are.” He helped her up and laid her down on top of the bed. Then he laid down beside her, covering her with his arm and leg. “Do you?”
“Do I what?” Matilda was still in a state of euphoria and hadn’t heard his comment.
“Do you know how sexy you are? Because if you don’t, I’m going to have to make it my mission to tell you and show you all the time. Because damn, Mattie, you’re hot!” She blushed all over again, and he grinned down at her. “You’re beautiful when you’re that color pink.” He leaned down and kissed her softly.
She giggled as she turned to face him. “You’re the only person who thinks that, Grayson. But thank you for thinking it.” She placed a feather light kiss on the corner of his lips.
He leaned in closer to her, his hazel eyes gleaming, “You are the most beautiful creature on this planet. And you’ll be mine.” He kissed her hard as his hands grazed over her body. His hungry hands slid down her body, lingering on her breasts and down to her hips, then delving into her heat, getting soaked by her juices. She moaned against his lips when his fingers turned up and began to slowly rub against the front wall, igniting a new sensation within her. She pulled away from his kiss, dragging a jagged breath in. Not stopping, his lips trailed down her neck, across her collarbone, toward her breasts. Her hips swayed with his fingers inside her, moaning loudly, making him hard.
“Oh God, Gray. You are amazing.” A light sheen of sweat started to pop up all over her skin as her pending orgasm grew. His mouth made its way down to her pelvis and he landed butterfly kisses across the slightly opened lips, sliding his tongue leisurely across her clit.
Her nails scratched across his scalp as she kneaded his hair, wanting more but not demanding. His thick cock slapped against her calf as he repositioned himself closer to her. She started running her leg up and down, creating friction, enlarging him still. He moaned against her, vibrating her clit, sending her over the very perilous ledge he’d been keeping her on. Her pussy clenched his fingers hard as she moaned loudly, pulling him deeper.
He slid his fingers out and lifted both her legs up, holding her ass in mid air. He knelt between her legs staring at her beautiful body, savoring what he had done to her. Her eyes pleading with him, her lips repeatedly moving with no sound, ‘Please’ she was begging. He slowly slipped his throbbing cock inside her and immediately had to still himself. “Please come inside me. If you’re clean, I won’t get pregnant. Finish in me, please.” Her blue eyes pleading again. She needed him to claim her as much as he needed to claim her completely.
He shoved the rest of the way in and pumped in and out vigorously. Her body wanted him, squeezing him, milking his cock for what it wanted. Her moans became louder as he pushed her legs closer to her body, opening her up, making it tighter. She scratched her nails down his chest and he groaned with pleasure as her body spasmed around him over and over. Then it happened, the Earth tilted on its axis and light broke across her eyes as a new, unknown orgasm crashed into her like a MAC truck. She screamed his name and caught his shoulders to try and ground herself as her body rioted against him. “MINE!” he growled as he came hard inside her, filling her with everything he had.


Wicked Wednesday – Partners

Tonight was supposed to be different. He told her that he was going to fuck her into oblivion. Unsure of what that meant, she went to their room and stripped quickly, getting on her knees at the door. He came in and dragged her by the nape of the neck to her feet, pushed her across the bed and spanked her soundly, every third swat hitting her squarely on the clit. When her ass was a glowing, solid red, he yanked her to her feet, dragging her body to the solid wall of his.

Stepping away, just a bit, he pulled her hair to the side as he kissed, licked, and bit his way down her neck and across her shoulders. She stood there naked, her body aching for him to touch her more. He slid only his tongue across her, leaving a line of fire behind. Her ass pushed back, searching. His body pulled away more and finally made contact. The sweet sting of his hand colliding with her bare ass sent shivers up her spin. She loved it when he spanked her.

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Wicked Wednesday – Character Sketch #3

So, we all know Grayson and Matilda, but not much on their antagonist, Casey. I think it’s time for you to meet her, and possibly see her in action in a later post.

I’m beautiful. I know this to be true. I’ve been told this my whole life. My step father was exceedingly kind with his words. Many thought he was inappropriate, but he never touched me. He was the one who taught me to be the master of my universe. I found the rest on my own.

I’ve been a practicing Dominatrix since I was twenty. My first boyfriend thought I was a punching bag. He’s now laid up, comatose, due to the punishing beat down he received after the last time he hit me. I found the lioness inside me and fought back. Now, I only keep subs around me. This includes everyone. Continue reading

Wicked Wednesday – character sketch #3

So I’m sure that some of you have already guessed that Grayson and Matilda are in a form of a BDSM relationship. Matilda is not a practicing submissive, but that is what Grayson is looking for in her. Please meet Grayson’s alter ego, Master.

In My world, I am King. I decide who I welcome in. I take the control from all who enter My realm. And you will want to give it to Me. you are My submissive in every way. you will give Me anything and everything I ask for, without hesitation. Our play can and will extend from the four walls of this room, but I will not take over your life without permission. By the end of Our time together, you will be completely devoted to Me and will want only Me. Continue reading

Wicked Wednesday – character sketch #2

I’m on time today! 😍 wow! So, you were introduced to Grayson last week, and his lover, Matilda, in the flash on Friday. I guess it’s only fitting for you to meet Matilda today.

Please meet Matilda!

I’m still the same old me. Mousy as ever in my personal dealings, lioness of my domain at work. That may be the reason I don’t make friends easily, especially since most people I interact with are either intimidated by my no bullshit demeanor or about twenty years younger than myself. And with the ex husband who never takes his kids, who thinks he still has claim over my activities, who can turn my plans upside down just because he decides he doesn’t want to keep the boys another minute, I really haven’t tried to cultivate relationships. Mine can be a pretty lonely existence.
Now you may wonder, why am I the way I am? Well, I’ve learned as a mother of a special needs child that there are teachers who don’t care, who don’t try, who don’t follow simple IEPs. So I worked my ass off to be the one in charge, to advocate for the ones who can’t stand up for themselves. Doing so has made me formidable in the conference room and a necessity in the classroom. Though I may be timid outside the classroom, maybe even a little shy, do not confuse that person with the one at school. I will tear you a new one if you step one toe out of line with my students, I will make it my personal goal to destroy you professionally if you don’t do your job for my kids. If you are an amazing teacher and you go to work for the love of educating bright, young minds, no matter their race, gender, status, or ability, then we will work great together, but if you aren’t one of those people, though you might see me quietly doing my business outside of school, you will not find that girl at work, and I will make your life harder than it needs to be.
I was moved over to Grayson’s class, not by choice, but by providence. I have found my femininity with him. He makes me feel alive and a little less lonely. You of all people should understand how I have felt, and how I’ve had to deal with it. With him, I can explore my boundaries with no strings attached, and I like it that way.
I emphatically do not want a relationship. He doesn’t need to be tied down to a woman with an asshole ex husband and two, though wonderful, wild boys. I promise to you and myself, I will not fall in love with him.

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Wicked Wednesdays – Character Sketch #1

Sorry this is coming out on Thursday. I got too busy yesterday and fell asleep writing this.

Please meet Grayson

You see me as you want; in the most convenient expression: dork, nerd, geek, dweeb, techie, weirdo, trekkie, freak.
But I know my own mind. I know my ability. I know how to treat others. And I know how to get what I want.
The problem with you is all you are capable of seeing is the outer, public shell of the tall, lanky computer programmer who has no use for fashion or sunshine. You can’t see passed the public persona of “yes ma’am, no ma’am” manners, the slouched posture, or the quiet demeanor. You see only the outer-most portion of me.
What makes me who I am are the things you will never see, the things only given to the worthy, the things that will make you blush. I am the Master of my world and the Master of those surrounding me. I say who, when, where, what, and how long. I can make you feel things you never knew existed. I can make you want things you believe are wrong. I can turn your world on its axis and enjoy it.
If you weren’t so vapid and shallow, you could enter my world. But you are, so you won’t and never will understand how an earth-shattering, soul-scattering orgasm from me could ruin you for other men and keep you coming back for more.

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