FFC #1 – Forbidden

I love Felicity’s imaginative challenges. If you are looking for something to expand your horizons or you just love to write, please go check out her NEW Friday Flash Challenge page. I’m super excited about it! Thank you Felicity!


Felicity’s Flash Challenge – Pecan

My beautiful friend Felicity gives us fun and quirky flash challenges. Go check her blog out and see the challenge and join us. Today’s was pecan. Yes, it’s a little different, but it was fun. However, you need to realize how much I agonized over this! I checked the word count and looked at the character count instead and slowly dwindled this beautiful story to nearly nothing. I’m so glad I started freaking out and my hubby looked at it for me. He looked at me and smiled, “Honey, you do realize you only have like 200 words now.” Ugh! So this is my original at 532 words. Love you guys!

She sat in the window seat, watching him skim the water of the pool. It was his first pool cleaning gig, he’d said as much during the interview. Her husband had been against the young man. His reasoning; he was young, inexperienced, not Mexican (yes, he is racist!), and most importantly, he didn’t like the way he looked at her. 

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Felicity’s Flash Challenge – Devastate

I’m very appreciative to Felicity for keeping her challenges open over the weekend. This one got me a little stuck, especially if I’m going to use the extra credit!😉 You know us GT kids, want all the points possible lol, and I’m going to need them because I went over by like 80 words 😔

Mary’s husband had been begging her to go to one of these parties for months. He thought it’d bring the spark back they had been lacking for many years. Since the birth of their twelve year old, she just didn’t want him. She didn’t want anyone. She had even given him permission to adopt a mistress.

When they entered, he dropped his keys in the bowl and went to find his friend who was hosting the party. A very tall woman came up to Mary with an extra drink. “Hi, I’m Francesca, rule conferror. You must be Mary. Leo told me you and your husband would join us tonight. Please, mingle. You’ll be going home with one of them tonight.” She winked and walked away from the trembling Mary.  Continue reading

Flash Friday – #4

I’m going to go ahead and apologize. This is not a flash. It is well over the allotted word count lol. And it’s not Friday hehehe. I really got into the story.

So, I got to thinking about this yesterday, that I’m sure a lot of you would like to know how Grayson’s and Matilda’s first sexual encounter actually managed to happen with everything that goes on in Mattie’s life. And how exactly does this arrangement work. Here are some answers.

They had been in the same class for a month and though Grayson had been just this side of having to attend sensitivity training, he hadn’t made any true advances toward Matilda. Then one Friday while they were packing up for the weekend, he asked, “Do your kids ever go see their dad on the weekends?”

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Felicity’s Flash Challenge -Beauty

This is the end of the previous flash. But this part, I felt, was more in the realm of the topic given by Felicity in her Flash Friday Challenge. 😉 Happy reading.

Matilda stomped into the science lab and took her seat behind the desk Grayson had found for her when she first came to be in his classroom. She hadn’t had time to wrap her mind around what just happened before Grayson came in pissed. Why had her friend intruded and lied, though she had been avoiding Grayson, but that wasn’t the reason why. “Tell me why Matilda. Before the kids come in.” He was using that voice only used in the sanctity of their safe place. He was Master.

Mattie’s eyes fell to the ground immediately as she spoke. “We did discuss my new infatuation. She doesn’t like the side effects, she called me soft. She said I should leave you. I never agreed or disagreed, I just said maybe. But I have been avoiding you. I want you, but I do not want to be considered soft, especially by Casey. I think I needed a separation after the other day, on that table.” She pointed, as a blush painted across her cheeks, at the table where he had made her come more than once just a week prior.

Grayson tipped her chin up and searched her eyes. “I over-stepped. You should’ve said. Even after. Or after she brought it to your attention. You are not to feel misused in our partnership. Can we discuss this over lunch?” She nodded as the bell rang and he chastely pressed his lips to hers.

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Flash Friday – #3

This is the beginning of the flash for Felicity. So if you want to see the end, you’ll have to go to this post for her. 😉

“Matilda, have you been avoiding me?” Grayson approached Matilda in the lounge after a week of sudden meetings, child care issues, and tutoring.

“No,Grayson, I haven’t. I’ve been in class every day,” she was lying to him and he knew it. “I’ve just been very busy…” His mouth cut off her words. His fingers entangled in the hair at the nape of her head, pulling, forcing her head back. His tongue envaded her open mouth and claimed her as his.

His invasion was a welcome reprieve for Matilda, but it was shortly lived. “What the hell, Mattie? I thought we agreed he’s not good for you!” Casey’s shrill voice broke the tension building. Grayson tore away from her hungry lips with pain shadowing his eyes.

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Felicity’s Flash Challenge

Felicity put out a challenge to write a flash fiction. I will not ruin the effects by telling you the topic. I hope you enjoy the following flash and check out her site. She’s amazing.

We all know the saying of what makes the heart grow fonder. Well that’s bullshit. My heart is breaking. You are here, in the next room, pretending I’m not here. But I am, I am here. Waiting for you, waiting for you to see me, waiting for you to know what you are letting go. But you are too stubborn to see what’s right here. Too ignorant to understand that I’m better than those you will never touch. Too selfish to realize that every time you leave my bed to be with those other women on the flickering screen that you break another piece of me. Soon I’ll be just a husk of the woman you married. Soon I’ll be a shadow of a memory. Soon I’ll find someone who will love me the way I deserve and I will leave. But for now, I wait and feel the coldness on your side of the bed creep up my spine and freeze my heart.