Another installment of Grayson and Matilda

Grayson told Matilda not to move and stepped into a room adjoining his, presumably the bathroom. He came back with a clean washcloth and wiped her back off. The warm, wet towel felt nice against her skin and so did his hands. After cleaning her up, he ran his hands from her shoulders to her ass, growling deep in his belly. “Matilda, I hope you know how fucking sexy you are.” He helped her up and laid her down on top of the bed. Then he laid down beside her, covering her with his arm and leg. “Do you?”
“Do I what?” Matilda was still in a state of euphoria and hadn’t heard his comment.
“Do you know how sexy you are? Because if you don’t, I’m going to have to make it my mission to tell you and show you all the time. Because damn, Mattie, you’re hot!” She blushed all over again, and he grinned down at her. “You’re beautiful when you’re that color pink.” He leaned down and kissed her softly.
She giggled as she turned to face him. “You’re the only person who thinks that, Grayson. But thank you for thinking it.” She placed a feather light kiss on the corner of his lips.
He leaned in closer to her, his hazel eyes gleaming, “You are the most beautiful creature on this planet. And you’ll be mine.” He kissed her hard as his hands grazed over her body. His hungry hands slid down her body, lingering on her breasts and down to her hips, then delving into her heat, getting soaked by her juices. She moaned against his lips when his fingers turned up and began to slowly rub against the front wall, igniting a new sensation within her. She pulled away from his kiss, dragging a jagged breath in. Not stopping, his lips trailed down her neck, across her collarbone, toward her breasts. Her hips swayed with his fingers inside her, moaning loudly, making him hard.
“Oh God, Gray. You are amazing.” A light sheen of sweat started to pop up all over her skin as her pending orgasm grew. His mouth made its way down to her pelvis and he landed butterfly kisses across the slightly opened lips, sliding his tongue leisurely across her clit.
Her nails scratched across his scalp as she kneaded his hair, wanting more but not demanding. His thick cock slapped against her calf as he repositioned himself closer to her. She started running her leg up and down, creating friction, enlarging him still. He moaned against her, vibrating her clit, sending her over the very perilous ledge he’d been keeping her on. Her pussy clenched his fingers hard as she moaned loudly, pulling him deeper.
He slid his fingers out and lifted both her legs up, holding her ass in mid air. He knelt between her legs staring at her beautiful body, savoring what he had done to her. Her eyes pleading with him, her lips repeatedly moving with no sound, ‘Please’ she was begging. He slowly slipped his throbbing cock inside her and immediately had to still himself. “Please come inside me. If you’re clean, I won’t get pregnant. Finish in me, please.” Her blue eyes pleading again. She needed him to claim her as much as he needed to claim her completely.
He shoved the rest of the way in and pumped in and out vigorously. Her body wanted him, squeezing him, milking his cock for what it wanted. Her moans became louder as he pushed her legs closer to her body, opening her up, making it tighter. She scratched her nails down his chest and he groaned with pleasure as her body spasmed around him over and over. Then it happened, the Earth tilted on its axis and light broke across her eyes as a new, unknown orgasm crashed into her like a MAC truck. She screamed his name and caught his shoulders to try and ground herself as her body rioted against him. “MINE!” he growled as he came hard inside her, filling her with everything he had.




gif by: Jessica Florence

The storm hit fast

Taking the lights and air with it

He was gone chasing

She was home melting

The stagnate Texas heat

Draped her like a glove

The windows open

Light breeze flowing

Until she couldn’t take it anymore

Cloth after cloth fell to the ground

Revealing her hot skin to the breeze

She lay under the window

Hoping for more

Praying for relief

She dozed in the midnight hour

Waiting for him to come home

Too hot and sticky to care how he found her

He watched her slumber from the door

Her ample breasts heaved with her every sigh

Light sheen of sweat built across her body

His fingers itched to touch her

His mouth watered to taste her

His ears burned for the sound of her moans

He wanted to be blinded by the sight of her cumming

He wanted to smell their sex fill the room

He divested

Climbed into bed

Covered her body

Her moans came quick

His expert fingers and mouth on the prowl

Her small hand searching

Finding its purpose

Squeezing and pumping him

Wanting more, needing more

Throwing her legs up

Thrusting inside her





Screams, moans, sighs

Heat rolling out into the rain-soaked Monday


After the things I did to her, it’s no surprise her body lay sprawled across our bed, breasts heaving, skin glistening in the few rays of light outside our window, little shivers still coursing through her body.

I love watching her after a long play session, as her pink skin turns pale again, the blush of adrenaline loses its mark across her face. She’s beautiful trussed up or spread out.

My little fuck toy does everything I want and more. She begs, kneels, dances, and moans for me. She is open to all my kinky fuckery and wants more every time. She worships at my feet, mouth open wide, little choking tears streaming down her face as I slam into the back of her throat again and again. Hands bound behind her so I control all.

Her upturned ass becomes red as my hand sings her praises. She’s always so ready for me, as a perfect fuck toy should be. I clutch her breasts as they bounce, twisting her nipples in time with my thrusts. Her moans become screams as I fuck her into perfect submission.

Now she lays enraptured and I sit here watching her, the moonbeams bouncing off her still form, tempting me. Impatiently I wait until I can have her again.

Matilda and Grayson’s First Time

This is the most recent scene from my novella. What do you all think? Please, leave comments and as always, happy reading!

Grayson pulled Matilda’s willing body against him all the while dragging the zipper down her dress. He wanted her naked, something he’d wanted for three years, something he knew would be easily done once the dress disappeared. Her hands slid down his sides and worked more competently on his buckle. He broke the less-hurried kiss to pull her dress off her shoulders and let it drop. He was in awe of her body, barely covered by the lace bra and thong set.
He pulled her to the end of the bed and sat her down on the edge so he could see her reaction when he removed his pants. Sliding his fingers under his waistband and belt, he dropped his pants and stood in his full glory, watching her reaction to the erection he had been sporting for her since she walked into his classroom. Her eyes widened at the sight of his massive length and she began to lick her lips. “Matilda, you need to understand that I have very specific rules that I would like for us to abide by, just a couple. Do you mind if we go over them quickly? Then I want to give you the orgasm you’ll stack every other orgasm up against for the rest of your life.” She swallowed convulsively and nodded. He grinned widely, “Great. One, complete and utter honesty. I need to know what we are doing is something that you’re okay with and not just something you feel like you have to do because it’s what I want. I also want you to be completely honest with me with all other aspects of your life. If I ask, I want you to be honest. I’m not asking for you to divulge everything yet, but that’s where I’d like for us to be when we are more than fuck buddies.” He leaned in and kissed her gently and winked. Continue reading

The Obsession pt. 5

Sir we’ve both been so damn busy, that cursed four letter word that constantly gets in our way. I want your hands and mouth on me, that dangerously sinful tongue in my mouth, making my insides melt with desire. Your hands sliding across my body, leaving hot streaks of want around my neck, across my shoulders, down my breasts, passed my stomach, between my legs. Your mouth running down my neck and shoulders in feather light kisses, sucking in my nipples one at a time making my naked body arch toward you and that huge cock pointing straight out at me…wanting inside me. My moans filling the air as your fingers plunge deep inside me, finding me soaked as always, proving that just your presence turns me into a pool of need and want.

I want you to press against my body and lay me down gently and lick your way down my torso and find your treasure nestled between my legs, wet, wanting, wontoningly pulsing against your hand. Your mouth meets my wet pussy and your tongue slips between my lips and applies sweet pressure onto my very swollen clit.

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The Obsession pt. 4

I know, I know. God Christina, where the hell have you been? I’m sorry it’s been so long since you’ve had any “unprompted” writing from me. I do hope you’ve all been keeping busy. 🙂 So here’s another one. I hope you enjoy!

Sir and I have rules. 1. If I’m a good girl and please him, he gives me immense pleasure, but if I’m bad, he becomes devoid of feeling, leaving me cold. 2. Nothing too wild, just submission to him and him alone. 3. Keep my word, always be honest, be punctual (which I guess could all fall under number one.) 4. No undergarments. But apparently, we have an unspoken rule, no crazy. Continue reading

The Obsession pt. 3

If you’re interested, you can go back and read pts one and two here. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to leave comments at the end, and as always happy reading!

“I’m hungry,” Sir slapped my turned up ass. “Go fetch me something.” I giggled and left the room, stark naked, the chain still dangling from my nipples. I was in the middle of rummaging through the refrigerator in search of the ingredients to make chicken salad when Sir sauntered in behind me and encircled my waist, pulling my upraised ass to his rejuvenated cock.

“Baby, I’m hungry,” he murmured against my back as he trailed kisses over my back, slowly kissing toward my ass, his hands following suit down my stomach.  “Mmmmm, this looks good baby, thank you.” And his mouth made contact, sticking his tongue in my pussy as his fingers rubbed my clit. I moaned into the refrigerator door, holding tight to the shelf.

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