Dinner for Two

I have a friend here who is in desperate need to learn how to cook. I will start a series of recipes, at least once a week, to help him get a decent collection of easy, home-made recipes that most anyone can do.

The following is the recipe for fried pork chops, potatoes au gratin, and snapped green beans.

Pork chops: 


  1. 2 bone in pork chops
  2. Salt, course pepper, granulated garlic, paprika, chili powder, onion powder
  3. 1/2c. Italian style bread crumbs
  4. 1c. Flour


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Need to share

I have two very off the wall things to share tonight. 

1. I reached ultimate teacher status today and didn’t even know it until this evening! If you’re a teacher, or know teachers very well, you’ll understand the next statement. If not, then I’m sorry you won’t understand why I’m so awesome. Lol! But I went 13 1/2 hours without doing a very important thing! I know, it’s bad, but still shocked the hell out of me when I realized it was that long!

2. My husband is trying to get God to strike him dead! He’s posted a very bad thing on fb.


I told him I’d be getting the Taj Mahal if I had my way. He still posted it though, acting like its my fault! I told him liars go to hell. He said it was ok because he was driving the bus. 

So this is my weird life! 

Thank you

My school does this program called Every Monday Matters. Today, we were charged to tell someone how we feel about them. I want to take this time to tell all of my friends here how much I love and admire them. I know I haven’t been on here long, but I feel like I have made some true connections here and I want to show my appreciation for the out-pouring of support and kindness I have found.
You all are amazing writers, inspirational, and witty. I look forward to getting to my reader everyday to see all the new and entertaining posts that are waiting.
Love, Christina

Freaking GROW UP!!!

So as a teacher, you learn that you can’t always believe everything your students say about the adults they deal with at school. I’ve heard that there are teachers who do nothing in class, who allow their students to break the school rules, who show movies every single day instead of teach. These I can privately agree with or public denounce and put a stop to their slanderous remarks. When I hear, hatred for the admin or antitrust for the counselor, I automatically tell them to stop talking.
But tonight, I learn that something I said to calm someone, that was apparently incorrect anyway, got back to another and now it’s pandemonium. I now know who I can’t trust with even the smallest secret. I’m glad to know this.
The last thing I want to say, why can’t the adults I work with act like adults and quit acting like the 13 year olds I teach? I mean seriously, if the first person hadn’t been so worried about what someone else posted on Facebook about no one in particular, then this wouldn’t be a problem. If the second person weren’t such a pain in the ass, then this wouldn’t be a problem. If both of them behaved as the thirty something and fifty/sixty something they are, and not like idiot teenagers, then this wouldn’t be a problem. Please people, GROW UP!