Though Death Separates Us

For my Papa Joe, who died early this morning and who I cannot attend the funeral due to my surgery. I know you know I’m there in spirit. I love you.

Death is the great divider.

It separates loved ones from those who go on before.

It takes without mercy and without heart.

It doesn’t wait for a better time.

It doesn’t care if everyone who meant anything to you can come see you one last time.

It just takes.

Death was once scary to me.

I didn’t understand death.

It was just this thing that took people that I loved with no remorse.

It hung over me like a black cloud, looming over those that I loved that were on in years.

Death was my hated nemesis.

But after years of growth, I understand death.

It is not a judger of people.

It doesn’t choose who stays and who goes.

It doesn’t have feelings.

It does its job unconcerned with the collateral damage.

I’ve learned to love through death.

To love because I know I will see you again.

To love because death cannot separate us forever.

To love because death is not the end, it is the beginning.

Though death separates us, I will continue to love you.


Tonsils OUT

I’ve had my tonsils taken out. Child birth was easier I think. If any of you have to do this, I suggest ICE and APPLE JUICE. That is really the only thing I’ve tried so far that doesn’t put me in excruciating pain when I try to swallow.

My sex perverts, you’ll love this. My husband asked me last night, “Do you think you’ll have a gag reflex now?” I tried not to laugh, but failed and then hurt LOL. I highly doubt taking out the only things that did give me a gag reflex would mean I would all of a sudden get one in places I’ve never had one before. But what do you all think?

Revision August 2, 2015:

Fuck Apple Juice! It will give you thrush!!!

Excerpt of Blood’s Refuge

Excerpt from Part Two of “Blood Ties: Blood’s Refuge”

I wanted to share this scene from my second full novel. It’s a paranormal series in which vampires connect on a spiritual level with specific humans. Gabriel and Andrea are one of these couples. Andrea has had a very rough life, especially with sex. Gabriel has tried to be the gentlest, kindest, most patient vampire ever. This scene begins at the death of Gabriel’s brother. I hope you enjoy. Please comment. As always, happy reading!

I could feel the tears pricking the back of my eyes. Seth didn’t deserve this death. This is my fault. My existence is what killed him. I stabbed Michaela again and again. I watched as my brother’s life blood drained from her body. I wanted her to be gone from this Earth.  Continue reading

Matilda and Grayson’s First Time

This is the most recent scene from my novella. What do you all think? Please, leave comments and as always, happy reading!

Grayson pulled Matilda’s willing body against him all the while dragging the zipper down her dress. He wanted her naked, something he’d wanted for three years, something he knew would be easily done once the dress disappeared. Her hands slid down his sides and worked more competently on his buckle. He broke the less-hurried kiss to pull her dress off her shoulders and let it drop. He was in awe of her body, barely covered by the lace bra and thong set.
He pulled her to the end of the bed and sat her down on the edge so he could see her reaction when he removed his pants. Sliding his fingers under his waistband and belt, he dropped his pants and stood in his full glory, watching her reaction to the erection he had been sporting for her since she walked into his classroom. Her eyes widened at the sight of his massive length and she began to lick her lips. “Matilda, you need to understand that I have very specific rules that I would like for us to abide by, just a couple. Do you mind if we go over them quickly? Then I want to give you the orgasm you’ll stack every other orgasm up against for the rest of your life.” She swallowed convulsively and nodded. He grinned widely, “Great. One, complete and utter honesty. I need to know what we are doing is something that you’re okay with and not just something you feel like you have to do because it’s what I want. I also want you to be completely honest with me with all other aspects of your life. If I ask, I want you to be honest. I’m not asking for you to divulge everything yet, but that’s where I’d like for us to be when we are more than fuck buddies.” He leaned in and kissed her gently and winked. Continue reading

In Serious Search Of!!!

I’ve been working on a novella recently, which may be part of the reason I’ve been so absent; on top of being out of state. BUT I’m nearing the end of my journey with the novella and am in desperate need of art work for the cover. I’m reaching out to my talented friends here on WP for a cover for my novella. If anyone is interested, please email me at with the subject of Cover Art and I’ll send you part of the book for inspiration with a synopsis. Thanks in advance to all of you who read the post, and if you know anyone that maybe interested, please share this so they can contact me. :-* MWAH!

I know I’ve been gone!

I went out of state for a while and forgot my charger! I am a very bad girl!!! But now that I’ve been home, I’ve been to an ENT and now as of the 24th of this month, I will no longer be the proud owner of my tonsils. Yes, I’m 31 and getting my tonsils removed. I will be miserable and stuck at the house for two weeks without permission to talk or really do much of anything that might bring up my blood pressure. 😦 but that means that I will have plenty of time to write 🙂 expect more.

By the way, I have a new computer! So definitely will get more writing done now. Love you guys!