Tooting My Horn

I’ve been waiting all year to be observed. I started my teaching career in a school in academic distress, so I became accustomed to having monitors and observers constantly in my room. Since I moved here, I’m doing good to get my mandatory yearly evaluation. This is technically the first real one I’ve received here. Being the Type A personality I am, I like having feedback. This is the feedback I got! So damn happy!!! Let’s me know I’m going my job correctly! (For those who know my name, Watkins was my ex-husband’s name, they’ve just not changed it in the eval system.)

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The Obsession pt. 5

Sir we’ve both been so damn busy, that cursed four letter word that constantly gets in our way. I want your hands and mouth on me, that dangerously sinful tongue in my mouth, making my insides melt with desire. Your hands sliding across my body, leaving hot streaks of want around my neck, across my shoulders, down my breasts, passed my stomach, between my legs. Your mouth running down my neck and shoulders in feather light kisses, sucking in my nipples one at a time making my naked body arch toward you and that huge cock pointing straight out at me…wanting inside me. My moans filling the air as your fingers plunge deep inside me, finding me soaked as always, proving that just your presence turns me into a pool of need and want.

I want you to press against my body and lay me down gently and lick your way down my torso and find your treasure nestled between my legs, wet, wanting, wontoningly pulsing against your hand. Your mouth meets my wet pussy and your tongue slips between my lips and applies sweet pressure onto my very swollen clit.

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Color Stories – just for fun!

I’m quite invisible, the most hated crayon in the box. But, I’m always the sharpest! That may be the reason, though, that everyone avoids me, because I’m smarter and dull out the rest of them. I can turn the darkest black, gray and the boldest red, pink. But it can get lonely being me. Always left behind, sneered at, told “What use are you anyway.” Until, one day, colored paper is introduced, and whala—my purpose is exposed and I am fought over while everyone else in the box is green with envy.

Out of any color you could choose, I’m chosen most often. Royals have chosen me over many other colors for centuries and you could say that I’m a bit of a snob. I turn my nose up when people refer to me as any other color than my God given name. How dare they say that I resemble a grape. I am deep and dark and very luscious. I strive to be perfect in every way. My parents, blue and red, they are even envious of me. You see, I am a perfect combination which is why everyone loves me. I am the best of two worlds. If I could, I’d marry myself and show the world perfection. Continue reading

Mantra Monday – The Dark Side

Every one of us has a side of us that we try to suppress and typically we are good at it. But there are times when we can’t bat down the voices and allow that side to take over for a short time.

dark side

I’ll be the first to say that I spend a lot of my time on the darker side of myself. This side of us is intriguing and seductive, you know, because of the cookies. But the cookies aren’t always worth it. The cookies are dangerous, or unhealthy, or socially wrong. The cookies can cause trouble and who wants that? But for those of us who have embraced our dark sides and the luscious cookies, we have trouble seeing the light, the positive, the good, because the truth is…

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She’s Gone

Megan was my first love, my first girlfriend, my first kiss, my first blowjob. She should’ve been my first everything, but I didn’t want our first time together to be a pathetic showing. So I took care of my virginity with the local slut and got some pointers on how to please my girl.

The night came when I was going to deflower her. We were both nervous, so we snuggled naked under the sheets. Megan’s hair was soft and it smelled amazingly good. I’d never smelled hair so sweet before. I ran my fingers through it every second that I could, never wanting to stop, never wanting to let her go. When the time came, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t take her virginity when she thought she was taking mine, when she thought she was my only, when she thought I had been faithful.

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My baby’s second birthday!

Showing off my momma skills! If you’re one of those who hate when others force you to look at their children, please read no further. But if you’re cool with my baby, please check out her birthday party. We had fun.

The set up that took momma, daddy, nana, and papa until 1am to get finished after having to go out of town to get the huge balloon. And yes, there are a few that I hand drew. 😉  Continue reading