“I have diffidently put effort in.”

I’m an English teacher as well and I have to say that this “diffidently” got me laughing.

You Knew What I Meant

Awhile ago I devoted a post to ruminating on an example of this word, “diffident.” That writer was commenting on Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” and said the road was “diffidently not the only one.…”

Today I’m looking at two more examples of that word, edging its way (modestly) into a sentence where it does not belong.

In the example headlining this post, my student assures me (the reader) that he has tried all semester. And in fact, he did work quite hard, coming to my office to work through rough drafts, revising and developing his thoughts. He “diffidently put effort in,” he assures me.

In another example, another student also praised the writing course:

“It was tough but diffidently worth it.”

Now, wouldn’t you think this was the same writer in all three examples? But it was diffidently not.

None of the writers actually meant “distrustfully…

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Serial Saturday – Intervening Fate #2

This is the second installment of the struggles that Cadence faces while living with a family gift. If you missed the first installment, go see the beginning.

A few years later, just a week before Cadence went to college, she began to have a recurring dream. She had been dealing with them for a while, and once she figured them out, they would quit plaguing her. The first had been things she needed to do or fix or even stop from happening, but this one was different. It was old; it was not just old, but ancient. The people were dressed in animal skins mainly, some had a coarse fabric, and they spoke a language that was foreign, but familiar to Cadence. It was not a language she knew, but when she’s in the dream, when she embodied Ceit, she understood everything.

Ceit’s mother was constantly harassing Ceit to hurry. She was going to be late for the fertility rite. Ceit was no older than fifteen, but she understood that she must hurry with her cold bath so she could be taken to the Rite of Damara. She was the chosen sacrifice so her clan could continue to grow.

After she was dressed in the gossamer gown every sacrifice had worn before her, she was taken into the den of The Mother. “Daughter, tonight you are the prize for our warriors. You will be well hidden in the dark forest, so you must be strong. You mustn’t fear of never being found, because they will not stop until the prize is won. Your body is his prize, your virginity is the sacrifice, you will become a woman and a respected wife of the warrior. Do your duty as the strong girl we have learned you to be. Be still as I complete the mourning ritual.”

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Felicity’s Flash Challenge -Beauty

This is the end of the previous flash. But this part, I felt, was more in the realm of the topic given by Felicity in her Flash Friday Challenge. 😉 Happy reading.

Matilda stomped into the science lab and took her seat behind the desk Grayson had found for her when she first came to be in his classroom. She hadn’t had time to wrap her mind around what just happened before Grayson came in pissed. Why had her friend intruded and lied, though she had been avoiding Grayson, but that wasn’t the reason why. “Tell me why Matilda. Before the kids come in.” He was using that voice only used in the sanctity of their safe place. He was Master.

Mattie’s eyes fell to the ground immediately as she spoke. “We did discuss my new infatuation. She doesn’t like the side effects, she called me soft. She said I should leave you. I never agreed or disagreed, I just said maybe. But I have been avoiding you. I want you, but I do not want to be considered soft, especially by Casey. I think I needed a separation after the other day, on that table.” She pointed, as a blush painted across her cheeks, at the table where he had made her come more than once just a week prior.

Grayson tipped her chin up and searched her eyes. “I over-stepped. You should’ve said. Even after. Or after she brought it to your attention. You are not to feel misused in our partnership. Can we discuss this over lunch?” She nodded as the bell rang and he chastely pressed his lips to hers.

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Flash Friday – #3

This is the beginning of the flash for Felicity. So if you want to see the end, you’ll have to go to this post for her. 😉

“Matilda, have you been avoiding me?” Grayson approached Matilda in the lounge after a week of sudden meetings, child care issues, and tutoring.

“No,Grayson, I haven’t. I’ve been in class every day,” she was lying to him and he knew it. “I’ve just been very busy…” His mouth cut off her words. His fingers entangled in the hair at the nape of her head, pulling, forcing her head back. His tongue envaded her open mouth and claimed her as his.

His invasion was a welcome reprieve for Matilda, but it was shortly lived. “What the hell, Mattie? I thought we agreed he’s not good for you!” Casey’s shrill voice broke the tension building. Grayson tore away from her hungry lips with pain shadowing his eyes.

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Trove Thursday – Book Excerpt #3

The following is an excerpt from chapter two from my published book “Blood’s Desire.” Check it out on Amazon.

The rest of the road trip was uneventful. I called my mother every two hours as promised. I called once I arrived. However, I had someone else call my mom instead of the person I was staying with. I felt juvenile when I did it, but I couldn’t let my mom think I was shacking up with some man she hadn’t even met.
I stopped in front of a driveway that crashed into the garage of a beautiful brick house, larger then I was accustomed to seeing a young ADA live in, so I assumed that the person putting me up was older and well-established. This made me extremely nervous. At least before my arrival, I had the hope of not having many employees older than myself, but after seeing the house I was sure my hopes were shattered. Continue reading