Strip it Down


We had been fighting a lot lately. Kids, money, jobs away, just plain old anger that we couldn’t release on anyone else. I thought maybe we were coming to an end, the arguing had become silence. That ominous silence that signals the death of something. For us, our long-standing relationship; not marriage because neither of us wanted to be held back, even though kids did tie us together for the long haul. No legal binds to break if we didn’t want to stay together. Our joke, making sure we like each other first.

I came home to a silent house, no kids screaming, no banging of dolls and cars. Nothing. It felt like a lead ball fell into the pit of my stomach thinking he’d done it, he’d left and took the kids with him. The instant anger that flooded me was palpable, I could feel my face grow red hot.

I started down the hall to check if my instinct were correct when I noticed little red and white petals on the floor. I followed them down the hall to our bedroom. There was a note on the door, “I’ve been waiting for you all my life.”

Instantly, the anger vanished and shame and joy warred for space in me. I opened the door and found more petals immersing our room and bed, engulfing the bathroom connected. Another note taped to the mirror on my counter, “The bath has been drawn.” I peeked around the corner to find him  standing naked next to a steaming bathtub.

Tears fell softly down my cheeks. Here I was thinking the worst, worrying that we were over, and he was doing his damnedest to keep us whole. He sauntered over to me and without a word began to undress me. Slowly, deliberately. Sliding one finger beneath my top, caressing his way across my slightly heaving breasts, already puckered for what was to come.

He kissed me gently, tugging at each of my buttons as his tongue slid across my lips, coaxing entrance. I parted my lips as his thumbs found my nipples through my sheer bra and pinched tightly down across his knuckles. I moaned into his mouth, allowing him complete entry and his tongue fully explored me as his hands made quick work discarding my clothes.

His lips never left mine, but his hands roamed across me like he’d never felt my body before, like he’d never had me before, like I was new again. He made me feel desirable, something I hadn’t felt in a long time. When he finally released me from his kiss, he scooped me up and stepped into the waters, promptly plunged me into the deep waters of a rose scented bath. He sat below me, straddling me across his lap where I could feel his ever grow hardness beating against me.

He ran his fingers through my hair and then down my back, scratching lightly as he descended. I arched my back ever-so-slightly and he caught one of my nipples in his mouth and began to massage the other in time with his tongue. I moaned and began to rock my hips against his thick cock, wanting him inside me, but not wanting to rush his seduction.

His unoccupied hand slid across my body, down between us, and against my swollen clit. I bucked hard against him, my body ripe with want. He bit my nipple as his finger slid inside me and his palm rubbed my clit. I moaned louder, pushing down against his hand, wanting so much more.

I ran my hands down his chest, feeling every single muscle flex with my touch. I wrapped my hands around him, his head still peeking out from underneath both hands and I squeezed tight as I pumped his cock in time with his fingers inside me. His mouth released my breasts and his head fell back against the basin, closing his eyes as I pleasured him.

His breathing shallowed and his cock swelled more as he came close to the brink. He pulled my hands away, lifted me and then split me in two with his hard-on. I screamed his name with the intrusion, feeling both his huge cock rubbing me just right and his thumb against my clit bringing me closer to the heaven only he had ever shown me. I wrapped my arms around him, holding on as he fucked me in the shallow waves.