To Sir, with loveĀ©

He loved coming home to this new one. she kept the house clean, warm dinner on the table waiting for Him, and her body ready for Him when He wanted it. Though He was starving, He wanted her immediately. she had Him hard all day with her cute little texts, the half naked pics she dropped on Him in the middle of commute, and the outright refusal to stop. she knew what she was getting herself into, which made Him even harder.

He stripped in the doorway so she could see what she did to Him when she was a bad little minx. His eyes found her prostrate on the ground, with nothing on but a pair of cuffs snug around her tiny wrists. Oh the things He wanted to do to her, but she needed punishing first.

Before He got home that evening, all He could think about was spanking the mess out of her, but then isn’t that what she wanted, isn’t that why she had defied Him all day, why she broke the rules? she wanted Him to spank her, so He wasn’t going to give it to her. He would punish her in a new way tonight, one that would allow Him release, but make her suffer for her transgressions. No, she wouldn’t like this punishment. Continue reading