Another installment of Grayson and Matilda

Grayson told Matilda not to move and stepped into a room adjoining his, presumably the bathroom. He came back with a clean washcloth and wiped her back off. The warm, wet towel felt nice against her skin and so did his hands. After cleaning her up, he ran his hands from her shoulders to her ass, growling deep in his belly. “Matilda, I hope you know how fucking sexy you are.” He helped her up and laid her down on top of the bed. Then he laid down beside her, covering her with his arm and leg. “Do you?”
“Do I what?” Matilda was still in a state of euphoria and hadn’t heard his comment.
“Do you know how sexy you are? Because if you don’t, I’m going to have to make it my mission to tell you and show you all the time. Because damn, Mattie, you’re hot!” She blushed all over again, and he grinned down at her. “You’re beautiful when you’re that color pink.” He leaned down and kissed her softly.
She giggled as she turned to face him. “You’re the only person who thinks that, Grayson. But thank you for thinking it.” She placed a feather light kiss on the corner of his lips.
He leaned in closer to her, his hazel eyes gleaming, “You are the most beautiful creature on this planet. And you’ll be mine.” He kissed her hard as his hands grazed over her body. His hungry hands slid down her body, lingering on her breasts and down to her hips, then delving into her heat, getting soaked by her juices. She moaned against his lips when his fingers turned up and began to slowly rub against the front wall, igniting a new sensation within her. She pulled away from his kiss, dragging a jagged breath in. Not stopping, his lips trailed down her neck, across her collarbone, toward her breasts. Her hips swayed with his fingers inside her, moaning loudly, making him hard.
“Oh God, Gray. You are amazing.” A light sheen of sweat started to pop up all over her skin as her pending orgasm grew. His mouth made its way down to her pelvis and he landed butterfly kisses across the slightly opened lips, sliding his tongue leisurely across her clit.
Her nails scratched across his scalp as she kneaded his hair, wanting more but not demanding. His thick cock slapped against her calf as he repositioned himself closer to her. She started running her leg up and down, creating friction, enlarging him still. He moaned against her, vibrating her clit, sending her over the very perilous ledge he’d been keeping her on. Her pussy clenched his fingers hard as she moaned loudly, pulling him deeper.
He slid his fingers out and lifted both her legs up, holding her ass in mid air. He knelt between her legs staring at her beautiful body, savoring what he had done to her. Her eyes pleading with him, her lips repeatedly moving with no sound, ‘Please’ she was begging. He slowly slipped his throbbing cock inside her and immediately had to still himself. “Please come inside me. If you’re clean, I won’t get pregnant. Finish in me, please.” Her blue eyes pleading again. She needed him to claim her as much as he needed to claim her completely.
He shoved the rest of the way in and pumped in and out vigorously. Her body wanted him, squeezing him, milking his cock for what it wanted. Her moans became louder as he pushed her legs closer to her body, opening her up, making it tighter. She scratched her nails down his chest and he groaned with pleasure as her body spasmed around him over and over. Then it happened, the Earth tilted on its axis and light broke across her eyes as a new, unknown orgasm crashed into her like a MAC truck. She screamed his name and caught his shoulders to try and ground herself as her body rioted against him. “MINE!” he growled as he came hard inside her, filling her with everything he had.


The Hidden Duke Pt. 1

This is a story bouncing around. Let me know what you think so far, as always happy reading!

“Papa, the carriages are arrivin’!” Phoebe called as she ran down the hill toward the small cottage outlying the Duke’s vast farmlands. Silas had been dreading this day since he received word that the Duke would be returning to Northumberland. The boy had been sent to live at schools and with distant relatives until he was of age after the sudden deaths of his parents. From all accounts, he was smart, handsome, and very much a philanderer. He had tarnished many young women in his stays in both Oxford and Cambridge. Silas would be damned if he tried his ways with his Phoebe. Continue reading

My Sir


your lips, hot on my skin

your hands, gentle and rough

your breath, caresses my lips

your touch, pleasure and pain

your body, strong to the touch

your heart, open to me

your cock, hard for me

your desire, makes you real

your mind, the funniest thing 

your loving, best feeling on earth

you’re perfection to me

Trove Thursday – Blood’s Desire Excerpt #6

This is the final installment of the Blood’s Desire excerpts. I truly hope you have enjoyed the excerpts and have over looked my shameless self-publicity. It is over for now HEHEHE, until the next book is ready for publishing 🙂 If you’ve missed any of the other excerpts, please go to Trove Thursday to see them all.

End of chapter 17:

I waved to the boys as they backed out of the drive. I smiled to myself as I locked the door. I could still feel Gabriel’s essence, happy and agitated. I rolled my eyes and headed back toward the living room. I went to the Japanese end table to look through the mail. Then everything went black.


I opened my eyes to a pitch black room. There were no sounds, smells, or light. What happened? Where am I? I strained my ears to hear something. There was nothing, not even the sound of crickets. I tried moving around. I wasn’t tied down or locked into the spot I woke up in. I reached out in front of me. There wasn’t anything there, so I walked in a straight line until I found a wall.

The wall was grainy and had a damp soil smell. I was tempted to taste it, but I was afraid to find out if I was in the earth. I walked around the room keeping my hand on the wall, trying to find a way out. There wasn’t a door at hand level, so I started over again reaching above my head to the ceiling. I hoped for a window like one in a basement. Please, let there be a window. Let it be midnight. Please, find me Gabriel.

I hope you enjoyed. Please feel free to leave a comment, and as always, happy reading.

True Love

She had cried off and on all day. Avoided her man all day so he wouldn’t see her tears. She couldn’t tell him. He said he didn’t want another, not even with her. Maybe it would be like all the others, just evacuate one day in a terrible ripping sensation. So she waited.

He knew she was different. This one was not anything like his previous relationship. They could be a family. Good for each other, balancing the good with the bad. She wanted so much more though. More than he was willing to give her right now. This was new, no reason to change it so quickly. No reason to be anymore of a family than what he brought to the table. Besides that wasn’t her reality. It never would be.

Weeks passed and she cried all the time. He was starting to take note, wondering and questioning. One long, winter night! he snuggled close to her back and wrapped his strong arms around her shuttering body. “Stop it now. I’ve got you. What’s wrong? Are you unhappy here with me?”  Continue reading

Trove Thursday – Blood’s Desire Excerpt #5

I hope you have enjoyed the excerpts from previous weeks. Here’s the excerpt for chapter 4. If you would like to see previous excerpts, please see the Trove Thursday. If you would like a copy of the book, please see this link. Thanks!

Once Gabriel was out of sight, I counted to three before turning back to the two gentlemen in the room with me. “Ms. Bell, please have a seat. We would like to brief you on your new post,” Robert said as he held a chair out for me. Seth had already taken a seat across the table from my chair. He seemed to appraise me as I took my seat. I felt very self-conscious as he leaned forward to look me fully in the face. I noticed his eyes as the light reflected on them. His once green eyes had a slight cloudy film over each, making him seem much older than his seventy-three years.
Robert seated himself closer to me, but still far enough away to make me feel like a teen called into the principal’s office. “Ms. Bell,” he began.
“Please, call me Andrea or Andi,” I interceded. Continue reading

Trove Thursday – Blood’s Desire Excerpt #4

Yes, I know it’s late, again. This is an excerpt from chapter 3 in Blood’s Desire. I hope you enjoy. If you need to catch up on the excerpts, please feel free to go to any of the following links to see them 😉 Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2

“I cooked us breakfast. Don’t you eat in the morning? You know it’s the most important meal.” He stood and moved to the chair next to him. “Come sit with me,” he said with a smile. He pulled the chair out for me. I couldn’t say no to his smile. I sat and he pushed the chair under me. “Thank you for joining me. You don’t really have to eat if you don’t typically eat breakfast.” He gave me that smile again. I was in love with his smile already. I’d probably do whatever he wanted me to do if he smiled when he requested it. Glutton.
“Oh, no, I do eat breakfast. I just thought maybe you weren’t a morning person and I didn’t want to disturb you. I didn’t realize you made breakfast.” I looked down, ashamed of myself when I realized his face was looking at me inquisitively. I didn’t know what he was looking for, but I was sure he was reading me like a book.
“What gave you the impression that I wasn’t a morning person?” he asked as he took a large gulp of his tomato juice. Great, now I’ve insulted him. Continue reading