FFC #1 – Forbidden

I love Felicity’s imaginative challenges. If you are looking for something to expand your horizons or you just love to write, please go check out her NEW Friday Flash Challenge page. I’m super excited about it! Thank you Felicity!


Felicity’s Friday Challenge – Can You Just Support Me?

My friend Felicity over at Dark Chronicles has issued her new challenge. This is my answer to the call. I hope you enjoy. Please leave comments, and as always, happy reading!

“Seriously Paul!” she screamed across the kitchen. “Why do you constantly have to intervene on my behalf? I’m an adult, I can take care of my own business. I have told you before that if I complain about something, I just want you to listen and be supportive, not that I want you to fix it!” Continue reading

Felicity’s Flash Challenge -Beauty

This is the end of the previous flash. But this part, I felt, was more in the realm of the topic given by Felicity in her Flash Friday Challenge. 😉 Happy reading.

Matilda stomped into the science lab and took her seat behind the desk Grayson had found for her when she first came to be in his classroom. She hadn’t had time to wrap her mind around what just happened before Grayson came in pissed. Why had her friend intruded and lied, though she had been avoiding Grayson, but that wasn’t the reason why. “Tell me why Matilda. Before the kids come in.” He was using that voice only used in the sanctity of their safe place. He was Master.

Mattie’s eyes fell to the ground immediately as she spoke. “We did discuss my new infatuation. She doesn’t like the side effects, she called me soft. She said I should leave you. I never agreed or disagreed, I just said maybe. But I have been avoiding you. I want you, but I do not want to be considered soft, especially by Casey. I think I needed a separation after the other day, on that table.” She pointed, as a blush painted across her cheeks, at the table where he had made her come more than once just a week prior.

Grayson tipped her chin up and searched her eyes. “I over-stepped. You should’ve said. Even after. Or after she brought it to your attention. You are not to feel misused in our partnership. Can we discuss this over lunch?” She nodded as the bell rang and he chastely pressed his lips to hers.

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