Felicity’s Flash Challenge – Devastate

I’m very appreciative to Felicity for keeping her challenges open over the weekend. This one got me a little stuck, especially if I’m going to use the extra credit!😉 You know us GT kids, want all the points possible lol, and I’m going to need them because I went over by like 80 words 😔

Mary’s husband had been begging her to go to one of these parties for months. He thought it’d bring the spark back they had been lacking for many years. Since the birth of their twelve year old, she just didn’t want him. She didn’t want anyone. She had even given him permission to adopt a mistress.

When they entered, he dropped his keys in the bowl and went to find his friend who was hosting the party. A very tall woman came up to Mary with an extra drink. “Hi, I’m Francesca, rule conferror. You must be Mary. Leo told me you and your husband would join us tonight. Please, mingle. You’ll be going home with one of them tonight.” She winked and walked away from the trembling Mary.  Continue reading


Flash Friday – #4

I’m going to go ahead and apologize. This is not a flash. It is well over the allotted word count lol. And it’s not Friday hehehe. I really got into the story.

So, I got to thinking about this yesterday, that I’m sure a lot of you would like to know how Grayson’s and Matilda’s first sexual encounter actually managed to happen with everything that goes on in Mattie’s life. And how exactly does this arrangement work. Here are some answers.

They had been in the same class for a month and though Grayson had been just this side of having to attend sensitivity training, he hadn’t made any true advances toward Matilda. Then one Friday while they were packing up for the weekend, he asked, “Do your kids ever go see their dad on the weekends?”

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A Special Surprise

Just a little something to help you sleep. 😉

He came home to the smell of something roasting in the oven. But there was no sound. Normally the sounds of screaming kids or loud clattering soared through the house. Tonight, it was hallow. Coming around the corner into the kitchen, he found the crockpot on the oven, something had been brewing all day. Understanding the significance, he went to the laundry room adjacent to the kitchen. His soft leather pants were lying across the cabinet with her weapon of choice.

He knew this had been coming for some time. She had been hinting at it and her demeanor was subtly changing to be more subservient and amiable. The fact that he understood this and gave her what she needed made him feel abusive, but she consistently assured him that it was what she needed to feel fulfilled in her sex life. After years of playing this role with her, he knew what she wanted from him. She needed him to dominate her and make her feel owned and cherished. Continue reading