FFC #1 – Forbidden

I love Felicity’s imaginative challenges. If you are looking for something to expand your horizons or you just love to write, please go check out her NEW Friday Flash Challenge page. I’m super excited about it! Thank you Felicity!


Felicity’s Friday Challenge – Can You Just Support Me?

My friend Felicity over at Dark Chronicles has issued her new challenge. This is my answer to the call. I hope you enjoy. Please leave comments, and as always, happy reading!

“Seriously Paul!” she screamed across the kitchen. “Why do you constantly have to intervene on my behalf? I’m an adult, I can take care of my own business. I have told you before that if I complain about something, I just want you to listen and be supportive, not that I want you to fix it!” Continue reading

Felicity’s Flash Challenge – Devastate

I’m very appreciative to Felicity for keeping her challenges open over the weekend. This one got me a little stuck, especially if I’m going to use the extra credit!😉 You know us GT kids, want all the points possible lol, and I’m going to need them because I went over by like 80 words 😔

Mary’s husband had been begging her to go to one of these parties for months. He thought it’d bring the spark back they had been lacking for many years. Since the birth of their twelve year old, she just didn’t want him. She didn’t want anyone. She had even given him permission to adopt a mistress.

When they entered, he dropped his keys in the bowl and went to find his friend who was hosting the party. A very tall woman came up to Mary with an extra drink. “Hi, I’m Francesca, rule conferror. You must be Mary. Leo told me you and your husband would join us tonight. Please, mingle. You’ll be going home with one of them tonight.” She winked and walked away from the trembling Mary.  Continue reading

Felicity’s Flash Challenge

Felicity put out a challenge to write a flash fiction. I will not ruin the effects by telling you the topic. I hope you enjoy the following flash and check out her site. She’s amazing.

We all know the saying of what makes the heart grow fonder. Well that’s bullshit. My heart is breaking. You are here, in the next room, pretending I’m not here. But I am, I am here. Waiting for you, waiting for you to see me, waiting for you to know what you are letting go. But you are too stubborn to see what’s right here. Too ignorant to understand that I’m better than those you will never touch. Too selfish to realize that every time you leave my bed to be with those other women on the flickering screen that you break another piece of me. Soon I’ll be just a husk of the woman you married. Soon I’ll be a shadow of a memory. Soon I’ll find someone who will love me the way I deserve and I will leave. But for now, I wait and feel the coldness on your side of the bed creep up my spine and freeze my heart.