Felicity’s Flash Challenge – Devastate

I’m very appreciative to Felicity for keeping her challenges open over the weekend. This one got me a little stuck, especially if I’m going to use the extra credit!😉 You know us GT kids, want all the points possible lol, and I’m going to need them because I went over by like 80 words 😔

Mary’s husband had been begging her to go to one of these parties for months. He thought it’d bring the spark back they had been lacking for many years. Since the birth of their twelve year old, she just didn’t want him. She didn’t want anyone. She had even given him permission to adopt a mistress.

When they entered, he dropped his keys in the bowl and went to find his friend who was hosting the party. A very tall woman came up to Mary with an extra drink. “Hi, I’m Francesca, rule conferror. You must be Mary. Leo told me you and your husband would join us tonight. Please, mingle. You’ll be going home with one of them tonight.” She winked and walked away from the trembling Mary.  Continue reading


Trove Thursday – Blood’s Desire Excerpt #4

Yes, I know it’s late, again. This is an excerpt from chapter 3 in Blood’s Desire. I hope you enjoy. If you need to catch up on the excerpts, please feel free to go to any of the following links to see them 😉 Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2

“I cooked us breakfast. Don’t you eat in the morning? You know it’s the most important meal.” He stood and moved to the chair next to him. “Come sit with me,” he said with a smile. He pulled the chair out for me. I couldn’t say no to his smile. I sat and he pushed the chair under me. “Thank you for joining me. You don’t really have to eat if you don’t typically eat breakfast.” He gave me that smile again. I was in love with his smile already. I’d probably do whatever he wanted me to do if he smiled when he requested it. Glutton.
“Oh, no, I do eat breakfast. I just thought maybe you weren’t a morning person and I didn’t want to disturb you. I didn’t realize you made breakfast.” I looked down, ashamed of myself when I realized his face was looking at me inquisitively. I didn’t know what he was looking for, but I was sure he was reading me like a book.
“What gave you the impression that I wasn’t a morning person?” he asked as he took a large gulp of his tomato juice. Great, now I’ve insulted him. Continue reading

Flash Friday – #2

Grayson and Matilda are just getting started, but maybe you need a little back story from where we started last time. I am sorry for the jumping around in their story. My brain rarely works in chronological order. 😅 I truly hope you enjoy the next installment.

“Matilda, do you mind staying after school for a few minutes? I have a couple questions about the new IEPs.” Grayson’s voice melted over Matilda like honey. The last time Grayson asked her to stay behind, she was still very much in the dark, her little fascination with her new co-teacher was getting a bit out of hand. He wasn’t the type she normally liked. All tall and lanky, but he moved like he owned the universe and had a strut that could force anyone with eyes to stop and stare.
She remembered her answer, “Sure thing, Mr. Leija. Just let me call down to the office and let Jen know that I’ll be a few minutes getting the boys.” The boys, always her first priority, needed to be tended to first before any fantasies started roaming her mind. So after she secured a short time babysitter with the office secretary, she turned back to a wide smiling Grayson. “What?”
“Just you,” he mumbled as he strode toward her with a mission in his eyes. “You’re beautiful and sexy and God I want you.” His last words fell from his lips as his round lips crashed into hers and the shock sprung the mouth open, allowing him entrance. His soft, silky tongue caressed along the center line of hers and he tasted of his mouthwash, the one she had smelled ever time he spoke too closely to her. Continue reading