Matilda and Grayson’s First Time

This is the most recent scene from my novella. What do you all think? Please, leave comments and as always, happy reading!

Grayson pulled Matilda’s willing body against him all the while dragging the zipper down her dress. He wanted her naked, something he’d wanted for three years, something he knew would be easily done once the dress disappeared. Her hands slid down his sides and worked more competently on his buckle. He broke the less-hurried kiss to pull her dress off her shoulders and let it drop. He was in awe of her body, barely covered by the lace bra and thong set.
He pulled her to the end of the bed and sat her down on the edge so he could see her reaction when he removed his pants. Sliding his fingers under his waistband and belt, he dropped his pants and stood in his full glory, watching her reaction to the erection he had been sporting for her since she walked into his classroom. Her eyes widened at the sight of his massive length and she began to lick her lips. “Matilda, you need to understand that I have very specific rules that I would like for us to abide by, just a couple. Do you mind if we go over them quickly? Then I want to give you the orgasm you’ll stack every other orgasm up against for the rest of your life.” She swallowed convulsively and nodded. He grinned widely, “Great. One, complete and utter honesty. I need to know what we are doing is something that you’re okay with and not just something you feel like you have to do because it’s what I want. I also want you to be completely honest with me with all other aspects of your life. If I ask, I want you to be honest. I’m not asking for you to divulge everything yet, but that’s where I’d like for us to be when we are more than fuck buddies.” He leaned in and kissed her gently and winked.
She giggled and nodded, “That’s completely understandable and very appreciated. At least I know you won’t lie to me. Number two?” She was lying back on her elbows with her legs slightly parted trying to entice him into dropping the conversation and take her the way she so desperately wanted him to do.
His eyes darted down her body, settling on the juncture between her legs. “Umm, two, right, two. Complete submission to me in all ways when we are together sexually. No other time, just when we are together in that way, unless we decide to play a scene.”
Her eyebrows raised in question before the questions popped out, “What do you mean submit in all ways? There are somethings I will not do, I don’t care what you want. And what the hell is a scene? Do you mean we’d have sex outside of the bedroom?” Her face got redder and redder as she talked, he could see she was gearing up for a massive meltdown if he didn’t calm her quickly.
“Submit to me means that you will let me do what I know will make you happy without contradiction or complaint. I will not do anything you refuse to do. I’m not into rape and that is what that would essentially be. I know things you don’t that will make your experience much better and stronger. I want you to trust me enough to let go and let me be in control.
“A scene is a game that is sexual in basis, but can be played outside the bedroom; hell it is most appealing outside the house. As much as I want you during the day, I may ask you to fuck in the classroom. Of course if you say no, I’ll never push you nor will I not take the first no as the answer.” Her eyes nearly bulged out of her head when he talked about the classroom. “Yes, baby, you turn me on so much at work that it’s hard for me to think of much more than fucking you into oblivion on my desk.” She turned a bright pink all over her entire body. Even her legs turned a different shade. It’s exactly how he’d imagined it and he wanted to see more. As she nodded, a sly smile crossed his lips and he went on, “Three, please don’t shut me out, literally or figuratively. I don’t like shut doors, but they are tolerable. Locks are not tolerable. I can’t stand them, it’s like the person is trying to hide something. I would like for you to think of me when having to make big, life-altering decisions, even now, even when we aren’t in a ‘real relationship.’ I’d like for you to tell me what’s going on and talk to me like I’m your friend, not just a fuck buddy.”
“That sounds a lot like a relationship. I’m not really sure if I can do rule three right now. The doors thing I can live with, but you’re not my boyfriend, nor are you my husband, so I think I’ll keep my independence a while longer. I will try to be conscious of your feelings though. Does that work?” She was trying to be diplomatic while being sexy and she was sure she was losing his interest very quickly just lying there. He nodded and dropped to his knees between her legs.
“Do not tell me no tonight. I will not hurt you, but I will not ask permission either. If it hurts or is uncomfortable, say so. But do not tell me no. When you are ready to take us to the next level, say ‘I’m yours.’ And I will ask you over and over. I want you and I won’t stop until you’re mine.” He began to kiss up her inner thighs, first from right knee to apex, then on the other leg. She stayed propped up to see him as he worked her up. When he opened his mouth and his tongue swept across her lace panties, she thought there was no way anything could be better than this gorgeous man worshipping at her pussy. Then he swept the cloth to the side and placed his warm mouth directly on her and she fell to her back. “Mmm, you taste good, baby.” His tongue swept against her slick skin, leaving a hot line of need behind it.
He ripped the fine string tying her panties together and let the shards fall to the floor as he continued to lick and suck her clit, making her hips sway of their own accord, listening to her quickening breath as she let go for him and enjoyed him. Sliding his fingers into her wet folds, he groaned against her. She was completely soaked with want. She moaned with his entrance, and louder still when he slid in another. Her hips rocked against his fingers and her fingers found his hair. She ran them through his thick locks as she bucked into him. When she began to beg him for release, he stopped and stood in front of her.
A flashback to a dream from the beginning of the school year, right after their first kiss, jumped into her mind. She sat up to turn; she wanted him in her mouth, but he had other things in mind. He roughly pulled her ass to the edge of the bed, making her fall to her back again, and slammed into her full force, extracting a scream of shock and pleasure. He stilled inside her until she opened her eyes again. “Watch me fuck you, baby,” and he started pumping in and out of her slowly at first, then hard and fast.
She watched his handsome face contort in pleasure, his body harden with every move, his cock glisten with her juices; she watched as his hands slid across her body and releasing her breasts from each cup, caressing and pinching the nipples. Her body tightened in the seductive pleasure/pain of her first orgasm of the night, but he didn’t slow, nor did he falter when she spasmed and clenched tightly around him, he just murmured, “Mine, baby. Mine.”
He kept slamming into her until she floated back into her body and when her eyes fluttered back open, his hands were slipping down her body and hitching around her hips, gripping tightly on opposites sides. “Baby, I want you to pull your knees up and hold them, you’re about to flip.” He kept slamming into her until she was secure around her legs. His grip tightened, if possible, and he lifted and turned her in the same motion and she found herself on her knees, arms pinned under her, face flush to the mattress, his huge cock still inside her pumping away. “Fuck baby, you feel amazing!” His strong hands massaged against her back and ass, then he slapped her. She would have jumped up, but she was stuck down. He rubbed the place he had just slapped and a warm, stinging sensation spread from that spot to somewhere deep inside her. It made her feel more than just the passion and sex they shared, but something deeper. Then another slap hit across the other side. She involuntarily moaned and she clenched around him again. His hands grabbed her hips after massaging the spot he slapped and pulled her hard against him as he shoved into her over and over. Her body rioted against his and she screamed his name as she orgasmed again. He pulled out near the end and came on her back, moaning “Mine,” and slowly let it run down her back.


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