The Obsession pt. 5

Sir we’ve both been so damn busy, that cursed four letter word that constantly gets in our way. I want your hands and mouth on me, that dangerously sinful tongue in my mouth, making my insides melt with desire. Your hands sliding across my body, leaving hot streaks of want around my neck, across my shoulders, down my breasts, passed my stomach, between my legs. Your mouth running down my neck and shoulders in feather light kisses, sucking in my nipples one at a time making my naked body arch toward you and that huge cock pointing straight out at me…wanting inside me. My moans filling the air as your fingers plunge deep inside me, finding me soaked as always, proving that just your presence turns me into a pool of need and want.

I want you to press against my body and lay me down gently and lick your way down my torso and find your treasure nestled between my legs, wet, wanting, wontoningly pulsing against your hand. Your mouth meets my wet pussy and your tongue slips between my lips and applies sweet pressure onto my very swollen clit.

I know how much you love playing with my clit and eating the pussy you own. I can hear your low ‘mmmmmmmmm’ as your tongue slides across my clit over and over, then down and inside me. I love how your cheeks feel against my slightly closed thighs, how your tongue feels flicking against my clit and plunging in and out of me, how your hands feel as they float across my body above you and rest on my breasts, pinching my nipples as you tongue fuck me. The pressure you exert on my nipples as you tongue flicks into me feels amazing.

I want to slowly rotate my hips against you. I know what you’d say, ‘You taste and feel so good baby.’ And I’d answer breathily that I’ve missed you and you’d say you missed me too. I’d run my fingers through your hair and down the sides of your face.

I want to touch you everywhere and moan louder with every thrust of your tongue. When it’s time, my legs would begin to quake and I’d scream, ‘FUCK SIR!!!’ I want my body to arch and scream your name as I cum, my body rocking with pure pleasure. As I come down, I’ll fumble for you, wanting you to kiss me, wanting that huge cock that has been poking me buried deep inside me, wanting you to cum so hard that I feel you explode and fill me up.

I want you to possess me completely. Make me feel like the dirty little submissive we both know I can be. I want you to slide up my body, pull my legs up, hook my knees on your shoulders, and you to plunge deep into me, hard, fast, and all the way into me. I scream and moan in ecstasy as you fuck me hard into oblivion, shoving in and out, over and over until my whole body wants to construct around that huge cock and milk you for all that you’re worth. I’d love for you to lie across me, completely satiated and breathing hard, telling me I’m your good girl.


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