The Obsession pt. 4

I know, I know. God Christina, where the hell have you been? I’m sorry it’s been so long since you’ve had any “unprompted” writing from me. I do hope you’ve all been keeping busy. πŸ™‚ So here’s another one. I hope you enjoy!

Sir and I have rules. 1. If I’m a good girl and please him, he gives me immense pleasure, but if I’m bad, he becomes devoid of feeling, leaving me cold. 2. Nothing too wild, just submission to him and him alone. 3. Keep my word, always be honest, be punctual (which I guess could all fall under number one.) 4. No undergarments. But apparently, we have an unspoken rule, no crazy.

What we have is supposed to be fun, playful, fulfilling, but though he says he wants real, does he? I’m not the perfect baby. I have emotions and I feel them, strongly. So at some point, I guess we will have to deal with my female crazy that rarely shows, but when it does, it’s pretty heinous.

I lost my cool a couple days ago, and he seriously did try to talk me down so we could play, but my mind was chaotic and upset. We didn’t get to play that day. I spent our little time together worrying and freighting, first over my personal problems and then over Sir possibly leaving. He told me that in so many words. Then left me to contemplate alone, which is never a good thing. But, I got my shit together and by Monday, when he decided to grace me with his presence again, I was ready to be a good girl again.

When he came in early that morning, I was contrite and ready for him. I had missed him more over those three days then I had ever missed anyone or anything in my life. He was silent for a moment. “I’m better today, Sir.”

“I’m glad, baby. Strip for me, then undress me.” He was still distant, but at least he was here. I slid my sweater off my shoulders to reveal a colorful spaghetti-strapped sun dress. I pulled the straps over my shoulders and pushed it down over my curves, then let it float to the ground around my ankles. I stepped out of my heels and dress as I moved toward Sir. His eyes were still cold, calculating my every move. I didn’t have permission to touch him, just undress him, and though I have taken liberties in the past, today, I didn’t try.

I took the hem of his shirt and pulled it up then over his head. He grabbed the shirt as I tried to pull the sleeves over his hands and pulled me close to him. I didn’t let go of the shirt as pulled it down behind my back, raising my breasts up and pressing me against him. I could feel his massive erection through his pants as he rubbed himself against my naked body. He leaned his face into my hair and sniffed deeply, dropping his shirt and grabbing my ass with both hands. I began to undo his pants as his lips roamed over my neck and shoulder.

I fumbled a little, becoming beyond aroused with his mouth on me. “God, I’ve missed you.” Sir uttered the words I wanted to say to him. He pushed his shoes off with his toes and stepped out of his pants after I got down passed his knees. He lifted me off my feet and I wrapped my legs around his waist. “We’re going to fuck, you are not allowed to cum. If you do, I will punish you. If you don’t, I will reward you. Do you understand?”

He knew I was already half way there. He had been touching and kissing me for the last ten minutes. Arousing me and making me drip around his fingers, but there was no arguing. Even if I had wanted to argue, he gave me no time. Before I nodded my understanding, he pushed my back against the nearest wall and dropped me onto his throbbing cock and shoved all the way to the back wall. I gasped by the instant full sensation. “Oh god, baby. You’re so fucking tight,” Sir mumbled as he began move inside me. I held on tight as he pounded into me, concentrating hard on not having an orgasm. My riotous body didn’t want to listen, beginning to tighten on its own accord.

Sir was kissing my neck when I tightened and I could feel his victorious grin spread across his lips because of the tell-tale signs of my impending orgasm. His mouth slid down my shoulder and toward the tops of my breasts. His left hand abandoned my behind and pushed my breast up, sucking my nipple into his warm mouth. I arched my body and tightened again, moaning loudly. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stop it once it began. I had to stop it now if I was going to keep from being punished. So I bit my lip, hoping the pain would distract my mind long enough to keep the orgasm at bay.

It helped a little, but not enough, especially after I opened my eyes to see Sir’s possessive stare being melted by passion and his own lack of control. The look he gives me only when he’s just about to cum. I knew he was close and my body was so much his, that it answered his unspoken command. I came hard, screaming his name, head tilted back, entire body tight around my Sir, squeezing his massive erection and feeling him fill me.

We continued moving slowly as we both came back to each other. My head was on his shoulder when he kissed my cheek. “You came baby. I’m going to punish you now.” I swallowed compulsively, unsure what a punishment would entail. Sir had needed to punish me more than leaving me before. I was afraid he would leave again and not come back for weeks. But he didn’t drop me to my feet, he didn’t get that distant look, he just lifted me in his arms again, away from the wall, and walked me to the table. He put me on my feet and faced me toward it, then bent me over and proceeded to spank me. This was different from the previous spankings. I had enjoyed those and they were meant to be enjoyed. These were harder, sharper, brutal. He struck me forty times, twenty times on both sides.

Small contrite tears slid over my cheek and the bridge of my nose, more from the embarrassment of disobeying than from the pain. He left me there,Β  I was sure his hand hurt just as bad as my ass. I took solace in that and tried to wipe away any signs of tears. He hadn’t punished me before, and I was unsure if tears were what he wanted to see. I laid there until he came back and felt his hands on my back side again, rubbing something cool and soothing on my now burning ass. “You did very well baby. I expected you to be sobbing now.” He stood me up and pulled me into his arms.

I stifled a sniffle and willed my last bit of tears away. He wanted me to be strong. I could do that, even if I couldn’t control my orgasms. I could make him happy. He kissed my tears away, then kissed both my eyes, then my mouth. He deepened our kiss, a slow simmering heat bubbling inside me. His erection already pressing against me. He took me to the bedroom and asked me to get on the bed, on all fours. I did as I was told and as I looked back behind me, I saw him go down and kiss me again. His tongue delved into me and I moaned.

His tongue swirled and licked, hitting every single nerve ending I have there. He focused on my clit for several minutes before shoving his tongue deep inside me. I moaned loudly. I always love having his mouth on me. He makes me feel wonton and slutty at the same times as worshiped and loved. It’s a heady feeling, and I love it so. My hips began to move on their own accord and he groaned against me. My whole body began to quiver as my orgasm became eminent. He stood behind me and slammed deep into me. “Cum for me baby.” My body responded immediately and I clenched around him, my body trying to suck him deeper than he already was.

He slapped my ass once after I relaxed around him, then began his relentless pounding. He squeezed my hips so tight, I was sure he’d leave marks. He shoved into me over and over, hitting the back wall and never fully pulling out. I moaned and nearly passed out from pure pleasure before he finally gave me the order to cum again. I had fought hard during the pounding to keep it at bay, although I tightened and pulsed restlessly around him. When I let go, everything went dark and there were spots of color flash in my eyes. My pussy tightened around him over and over, then I felt his warm cum shot into me and he stilled for what seemed like hours, letting himself feel and enjoy his release.

He leaned down, still inside me, and kissed the center of my back. “That’s my good girl.”

I hope you enjoyed. Please feel free to leave a comment, and as always, happy reading.


9 thoughts on “The Obsession pt. 4

  1. VictoryInTrouble says:

    It’s funny, I just saw a comment from you somewhere else and thought that I hadn’t seen a story from you in a while. Welcome back with a bang! πŸ˜€

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  2. Human Interest says:

    Finally… Lol don’t go missing on us again!

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