The Obsession pt. 3

If you’re interested, you can go back and read pts one and two here. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to leave comments at the end, and as always happy reading!

“I’m hungry,” Sir slapped my turned up ass. “Go fetch me something.” I giggled and left the room, stark naked, the chain still dangling from my nipples. I was in the middle of rummaging through the refrigerator in search of the ingredients to make chicken salad when Sir sauntered in behind me and encircled my waist, pulling my upraised ass to his rejuvenated cock.

“Baby, I’m hungry,” he murmured against my back as he trailed kisses over my back, slowly kissing toward my ass, his hands following suit down my stomach.  “Mmmmm, this looks good baby, thank you.” And his mouth made contact, sticking his tongue in my pussy as his fingers rubbed my clit. I moaned into the refrigerator door, holding tight to the shelf.

He swatted my ass, pulled me to a standing position, dragged me to the counter, and sat me on the edge, spread open for his delight. He pulled a dining room chair over and sat in front of me, “Now this looks good,” he mumbled as he brought his face forward and began to have me for lunch. His mouth was divine. The way he took his time slowly separating my inner lips with his tongue, the way he licked me up and down in slow rhythmic motions, the way he sucked gently on my clit as he pressed his fingers inside me over and over, the way he consumed every part of me.

Just as my world was turning hazy and my grip in his hair was becoming tight fists, he stood. Pulling me off the counter and turning me, he pushed my body against the hard granite and shoved his massive cock into me. That was my undoing. I knew I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t hold it back. He stopped and enjoyed my pussy pulsing around him as I came, but when I was done, he spanked me, hard, five times on each cheek. Then he began again. He held my body against the counter, fucking me hard and fast. The love making was gone. He reached around me and pulled on the chain. The pinching brought a new sensation to everything his body already put me through.

I could feel myself quickening again, all the sensations overwhelming me. He pumped into me again and again. “Again baby, Sir needs you to cum again,” he grunted to me as he pulled the chain again and slammed into the back wall again and again. My body reacted to the command and exploded around him; he pulled the chain hard enough to rip it off. I screamed as my orgasm doubled. It was more than just a lower body, heavenly response. It ripped through my entire body, both pain and pleasure, both heaven and hell; it was perfection.

My orgasm lasted so long that I completely missed out on Sir’s. He was slowly delving into me over and over when I finally came back to him. My body was still buzzing and tight around him. “Baby, that was fucking amazing.” I could feel us running down my legs.


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    What kitty said!

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  2. Human Interest says:

    Lmao. We all love them!

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