The Obsession pt. 2

I can’t leave these two alone. Their little love affair has become a bit of an obsession in my dreams, so it may be a few parts. Hope you’ll all bare with me and fall in love with them as much as I have. Please see part one here.

The days after Spring Break proved difficult to meet, both at work, and the weather being too warm and nice to stay indoors. We talked every day, extending the intimacy. Then he called me and told me to take a half day, that he needed to be with me. So like the good girl I am, I called in a half day.

I could barely sleep that night, excitement running through me. I had missed his touch so much, but my Sir would be in my bed soon. I finally fell asleep, but spent the night waking mid-orgasm most of the night. My alarm went off at seven, thirty minutes before Sir was to be at my door. It gave me time to do my morning routine and slip into something sexy for him.

When my doorbell buzzed, my stomach did a somersault. My Sir was here at last.

I practically skipped to the door and when I opened it, I took a deep breath, like I hadn’t taken one since the last time I laid eyes on him. His shoulders raised as if he were doing the same thing. He pulled the screen door and in unison we both said, “I’ve missed you.”

He swept passed me and I closed the door as his scent filled my nose. I have no clue what the scent is, I’ve deemed it Sir. It is entirely him, I’ve never smelled it before him. He was staring at me intently when I turned around. I blushed scarlet at his intense stare. He took my hands, pulled me close to him, and pulled my hands behind me, holding me locked as he kissed me softly. I melted into him, languishing in his touch.

“Baby, I’m in a loving mood,” he whispered in my ear as his mouth shifted to my neck and he let go of my hands. I held him tight to me and felt the bulge in his pants push against me. My hands roamed over his back, feeling the muscles move with his own movements against me. I cruised to the edge of his shirt and broke our contact for the merest of seconds as I pulled it over his head. Placing my lips on his shoulder, I kissed and nibbled my way across his chest and down his abdomen. “Baby, let me out.”

My greedy little fingers couldn’t unbutton his pants fast enough.

I kissed and nibbled his stomach, down to the edge of his pants until I pulled both the pants and his boxer briefs down. I kissed my way down to his very large package and kissed the tip. Then kissed my way all the way down to the base and back up, and licked my way down the same path. He put his hands on my head as I lifted each foot up to slide his pants completely off. After I had his pants full over his feet, I wrapped my mouth around his large tip and sucked while my hands found his sac and the base of his cock. I massaged him as I sucked just the tip. He tangled his fingers in my hair and gently guided me down until I was nearest to the base as possible. I licked and sucked as he guided himself in and out very deliberately, letting me enjoy the feel of his movements against my lips and tongue.

Soon, the tempo doubled, and I squeezed him as tightly as I could with my lips and rubbed the rest of him with my hand. He hit the back of my throat often and didn’t pull completely out again until after he came. There was no warning; he slammed into my throat as far as he could and detonated down my throat. I could barely swallow with his thick head impeding me, but he seemed to enjoy the feel of my throat closing on him over and over. When he loosened his grip, I licked up what little didn’t go down.

I gazed up at him as I did so, and could feel the love and admiration in his eyes. He put his hands on either side of my face and lifted me gently back to my feet, kissing me softly.

“Well, that was unexpected baby. Did you miss Sir so much that you needed to taste me right away?” I nodded with a wolfish grin spread across my face.

He leaned in and kissed me again, slow and gentle. He took my hand and escorted me back to the bedroom. “Strip for me baby.”

He sat on the edge of my bed and watched as I lifted the edge the silk gown I had donned, gathering it around my hips just high enough to let him see I had nothing under it. He didn’t smile, but there was a gleam in his eyes that approved. Continuing to draw up my gown, his gaze heated and he began to lick his lips. The gown was over my breasts when his hands touched my hips. “Don’t stop baby. I want to see your beautiful face.” His hands ran up my sides as I lifted the gown above my head and dropped it behind me. “Gorgeous.”

His hands continued the trek up my shoulders into my hair and he pulled my lips to his. He softly licked my bottom lip asking for entry and I opened for him. His tongue was warm and strong warring with mine. His hands travelled down my backside, slapping my ass when he reached it. His lips followed down my body taking a long vacation at my breasts, sucking and pinching each nipple, showering kisses and nibbles across each. He swept me off my feet and I giggled as he threw me on the bed. Then starting at my feet, he kissed up both legs and draped them on his shoulders as he slowly separated them to accommodate his body. When he reached the apex of my thighs, I was sure I was going to burn a human sized hole in my mattress. Reaching my southern lips, I moaned and let myself melt into his touch. His tongue is sinful, making me a wanton woman, writhing and moaning as he licked and sucked my clit. “Mmmmmm, mine. All mine, baby.”

I nodded furiously, but he spanked my ass anyway. “Yes Sir, yours. Only yours, always.” He stuck his tongue inside me and growled as he began to feast on me. I ran my fingers through his hair, trying to prolong the agony by occupying my mind, but it was no use. I began to moan and pant as the orgasm worked its way through me, “Please, Sir. May I? Please, oh god, please?”

He swatted my ass and mumbled softly, “Cum for me baby.” It was my undoing; I jumped off my inner cliff and free fell. When I opened my eyes, I was on my side, facing Sir, his dark eyes untroubled, full of an emotion I’d never seen before. “You’re radiant when you cum baby. I love seeing you like that.” I blushed from head to toe. “Let’s see if I can make you do that again, maybe this time a bit harder.” He produced a pair of very small silver clamps connected by a thin silver chain. He connected each to my nipples testing pressure and making sure they wouldn’t fall off accidently.

He then laid down beside me, pulling me close to him. He lifted my top leg and draped it over his. Holding his cock, he pushed the head in and pulled it back out. He did this over and over, going a little deeper each time until he was fully sheathed. We laid there for a moment enjoying the feel of each other. Leaning into me, he kissed me gently and began the slowly plunge in and out. I wrapped my hands around his neck to pull him ever closer and dropped my foot to the mattress behind his ass for leverage.

His hands cruised over my body, appreciating every curve, occasionally pulling on the chain attached to my nipples. The pleasurable pinching made me moan and arch my body into his thrusts. His sliding stayed deliberate and slow, allowing us to relish every second together. Kissing along my jaw, he made it to my neck and nibbled right above my collarbone. The hand roaming my body began to switch between pulling the chain and sliding between us and pressing against my clit. The orgasm that rocked through me was built up slowly and simmered below the surface for countless minutes before the top blew off the pressure cooker and my blood boiled over. He pulled on the chain lightly over and over extending my time off the planet and letting him be milked by my greedy little pussy.

He rolled me over to my back and continued his slow pumping in and out as I came back to him. He kissed my eye lids and I opened them to see a wicked grin across his handsome face. I reached up and brought him to me. His tongue immediately invaded my mouth while he shoved in hard and sucked my bottom lip in his mouth, biting down. I groaned and met his thrusts, wrapping my legs around his back. He leaned down and caught the chain between his teeth. As he plunged deeper into me, he pulled the chain over and over. He began to really pound into me; I matched his tempo, moaning louder every time he pulled the chain.

He dropped the chain when he leaned back on his knees, pulled my right leg up, and plunged in deep and hard. I was at least ten times tighter this way and the look on his face told me that it felt exquisite. His full mouth was parted slightly as he slammed into me over and over. I was about to lose it and began to beg to cum. “Please Sir, please!”

He looked down at me with hooded eyes, “Keep your eyes open baby. I want you to watch me cum with you.” My body tightened at the words and I watched as he slammed into me once more, burying himself deeply in me as he exploded. My body twitched and followed suit, squeezing him tight. “That’s a good girl.”

Hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave a comment and as always, happy reading.


24 thoughts on “The Obsession pt. 2

  1. It’s already in the works. It’ll be an extension to this one. Their morning is not done! But I have to get felicity’s challenge done, and I didn’t want it to be too long and people lose interest because of length. 😄 I’m so glad you enjoyed it. How’d you like the inclusion of something new? Lol

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  2. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Very nice! That’s a good morning off!

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  3. Like??? Are you CRAZY? I fucking LOVE this!i am in love with Sir!

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