The Obsession

Please excuse this post’s length. I got a little carried away in my obsession. šŸ˜‰ I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

We started off simple, just passing ships in the night. Shared words and found common ground. Then it happened, he saw something in me. I don’t know what exactly he saw, but he was there, everyday, making himself a part of my life. It started off as harmless flirting, a wink here, an unveiled sexual advance there.

Two weeks ago, it all blew up. It started with a random chat about my latest post. That lead to talking about things that were lacking in our love lives, which happened to be the exact same thing. Then the oddest things started to pile up. We were beyond compatible. Every time we would ask a question or change the topic, we had the exact same answer. It was like we had this crazy psychic connection. Soon we began to say the same things at the exact same time.

I’m not exactly sure how our first time began. I’m not sure what got into us. Neither of us are the type of person who would just jump into bed with a complete stranger. But that’s exactly what happened. We talked about lacking a sex life and needing certain things, and he just spanked me. Yes, spanked me! For no reason whatsoever other than he wanted to and he knew I wanted it.

And that’s exactly what happened, I liked it and fell directly into the roll of his submissive. Our first time was oral and spanking play. It was fucking hot! Even now, I’m getting soaked thinking about the first time I saw his huge cock, felt the hard rod covered in silk on my lips, had his rough, strong hands tangled in my hair, tasted the delicious briny cum shoot down my throat. He is all the man I’ve ever looked for.

I will never forget the first time he saw me undressed, completely exposed to him. The look of awe and passion and possession in his eyes will forever be etched in my memory. His hands traveled down my body and left big, red splotches across my ass. He spanked me over and over, across my ass and my soaked puss. I nearly came then, but he told me no. He didn’t want me to cum while he spanked me. He wanted my first orgasm to be delivered by his mouth.

I feel his mouth on me in my sleep every day, that’s how precious his mouth is to me. He propped me up on my desk and spread my legs so he could see his prize. The look in his beautiful, dark eyes and his wicked grin told me I was in for the ride of my life.

His mouth and tongue against the most private of places is velvet soothing across my skin. His tongue has a magic in it that makes me go weak at the knees. His hands were rough on my hips, squeezing them as he mouth fucked me. He sent me over a cliff I never knew I had inside me. That is the day it began, the obsession.

The next days we talked, just talked, got to know each other. The uncanny similarities continued. We were both born on the first, began having sex in the same year, were raised with cousins, and have worked our asses off to make better lives for ourselves. We discussed that I’m a switch who tends toward the Domme persuasion, but with him it’s natural. I want to be his sub. He is my Sir and I’m his baby. He needs someone who can take what he dishes out, not just the spanking, but his cock. I have no gag reflex and I love rough sex; I can take a good pounding.

The next time we played, it was an all day fuck fest. Starting at nine in the morning and lasting well past three in the afternoon. He started by undressing me himself and kneeling in front of me. His mouth was on me, opening my lips with his tongue, rubbing my clit. His hands were on my hips, spanning across my ass. He ran his hands down my thighs and pulled my legs apart, spreading me for easy access. He slapped my ass with both hands and grabbed firmly, dragging me ever closer to his mouth.

To say his lips and tongue are sinful is an understatement. He knows exactly how to touch me, lick me, suck me, bite me, spank me to make me a panting ball of nerve endings ready to explode at a moment’s notice. I would run my fingers through his hair and when I began to cum and pull slightly, he would stop and litter kisses on me until I had cooled a little and would begin his work again. Getting me almost there and pulling away. By the time he was done with me, I was positive I was going to explode from the inside out if I didn’t get some form of release.

That’s when he stood and put my hands on his shirt and told me to undress him. I was so nervous that I fumbled with the shirt. He was so positively aroused that he was shoving against his pants. I released his massive, glorious cock on the world and wanted to fall to my knees to give homage, but when he was fully divested, he lifted me off my feet, wrapped my legs around his waist and sunk himself into me, slowly. He is absolutely the mark to compare all men.

I have only been with a few people before him, but I know we were made perfectly for each other. When I was fully seated upon my new throne, he took me to the nearest wall and propped me up, then began to slowly move. The in and out motion felt glorious. I was tight around him and could feel everything he did. Then he hit the end of me. It was a feeling that was a wild cross between pain, pleasure, and erotic newness.

His slow thrusts picked up to a hard rocking that slammed me against the wall and slammed him against my back wall. I’m a moaner, and needless to say, I’m positive the neighbors know what we were up to all day. He fucked me hard and fast, making my body tighten around him. I held on tight around his neck, absorbing every single stroke and thrust, wanting more, wanting him deeper, having a surreal connection with this man I fell for so easily, so quickly. The closer I got to orgasm, the bigger he felt inside me.

He told me not yet when I began to spasm against him, then leaned into me and bit my lip as he kissed me. The spasm slowed, but I tightened against him, making it hard for him to move. A couple more strokes and his right hand left my bottom only to be replaced again with a loud WHACK! I screamed as an astronomic orgasm ripped through me, from head to toe. He moaned deep in his throat as he came, hard, overfilling me. I rested my head against his strong chest as I floated leisurely back to earth.

After a few moments of absolute bliss overload, I opened my eyes to realize we were moving to the bed, he still wedged snuggly inside me. He sat on the bed and laid us both down, me on top. I snuggled close, drowning in his scent. He began to thrust inside me again and my lust was fanned again. He held me tightly against him, restraining my movements and continued his slow thrusts. I moaned softly and hugged myself closer to him. After the most intense orgasm of my life, my Sir made love to me, softly, sweetly. He held me like no other had crooning on and on about everything he loved about me, all the while taking long, luxurious strokes in and out. When I began to tighten around him again, he gave me permission to cum when I was ready and I did, arching my back and digging him deeply into me as best I could. He kissed the top of my head when my body relaxed against his again.

I only got a very short reprieve when he swatted my ass again and rolled over with me. The look he gave me was wicked and mischievous. He just winked, lifted both my legs so my ankles were behind my ears, and dove in, filling me to the hilt, making me scream with the sudden fullness. He held still and made sure I was ok. I nodded and gave him a shit-eating grin. He knew I was good to go and slapped my ass three times and once on my spread, glistening puss for making him think he’d hurt me.

He lowered himself on my legs so I couldn’t move and slammed into me over and over. He was so deep that he hit the back of me every time he punched into me. My pussy was already tight because of the position he had my body contorted in, but the harder and deeper he slammed into me, the more my body reacted. This is the kind of fucking I enjoy as a sub; hard, deep, fast pounding, a complete takeover, restrained and at my Sir’s mercy.  I moaned louder as he slammed into me harder and faster. I held onto his strong arms and luxuriated in the feel of being dominated by this dark, handsome, caring man. He slapped my ass and told his baby to cum for him. As if my libido was hard wired to his voice, my pussy tightened around him and I climaxed again, blacking out with the pleasure.

When I came too, I felt his hot fluids on my inner thighs and he was at my side, holding me close to him, petting my hair and nibbling on my neck, working his way down to my breasts. When he realized I was awake, he told me to clean him up. I got on my knees and sucked him into my mouth, licking and sucking all of our combined juices off of him. His fingers were tangled in my hair and he began to thrust into my mouth. I love the taste of us together. It’s a heady, aromatic taste that I have nothing to compare it too. He kept thrusting into my mouth hard and fast, using my lack of gag reflex to his advantage. He held my head in place at the base of his cock with both hands as he came for the last time that day down my throat. I sucked hard and made sure to lick up every last drop. He slapped my ass when I finished in appreciation and I giggled at him as I curled up next to him. I slept like the dead and when I woke he was gone. I missed him immediately, as I do every day at any time we can’t be together or talk. But he left a note, telling me to be a good girl and we’d do that every day, and we have, every day since.

I truly hope you enjoyed. Please feel free to leave a comment and as always happy reading!


7 thoughts on “The Obsession

  1. Christina!
    Any chance you’ll share him? ;-p

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  2. Felicity says:

    Wowza… you left nothing on the table with that one, my friend… or the wall, or the bed… šŸ˜‰ fantastic.

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  3. chrisb74 says:

    Wow. Enjoyed reading this very much, maybe a little too much.

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