Felicity’s Flash Challenge -Beauty

This is the end of the previous flash. But this part, I felt, was more in the realm of the topic given by Felicity in her Flash Friday Challenge. πŸ˜‰ Happy reading.

Matilda stomped into the science lab and took her seat behind the desk Grayson had found for her when she first came to be in his classroom. She hadn’t had time to wrap her mind around what just happened before Grayson came in pissed. Why had her friend intruded and lied, though she had been avoiding Grayson, but that wasn’t the reason why. “Tell me why Matilda. Before the kids come in.” He was using that voice only used in the sanctity of their safe place. He was Master.

Mattie’s eyes fell to the ground immediately as she spoke. “We did discuss my new infatuation. She doesn’t like the side effects, she called me soft. She said I should leave you. I never agreed or disagreed, I just said maybe. But I have been avoiding you. I want you, but I do not want to be considered soft, especially by Casey. I think I needed a separation after the other day, on that table.” She pointed, as a blush painted across her cheeks, at the table where he had made her come more than once just a week prior.

Grayson tipped her chin up and searched her eyes. “I over-stepped. You should’ve said. Even after. Or after she brought it to your attention. You are not to feel misused in our partnership. Can we discuss this over lunch?” She nodded as the bell rang and he chastely pressed his lips to hers.

Matilda had gone into the science closet right before lunch to take a phone call. When Grayson went in after her, after the last kids left and the door was locked, she was seated on the counter, skirt pulled up, lacy panties hanging from her ankles. A slow, preditorial grin spread across Grayson’s tanned face as he shut the door behind him. “You know, no one can hear us in here. I’m going to make you scream.”

She squealed as he dived toward her open legs and buried his face there, with his mouth already open, lashing his wicked tongue across her most sensitive place. Her head fell back as she moaned with every punishing lap against her swollen clit. He had pulled her closer to the edge of the counter, digging his fingers into the soft muscle of her ass. His fingers slid down her legs and pushed her panties to the floor, spreading her legs a little further apart. He slipped in two long fingers, pressing and rubbing just in the right spot, while continuing to suck, lick, nip, and kiss her clit. Her fingers had splayed across his head, running long, slow circutes around his scalp. The closer she got to climax, the more she pulled.

He had started undressing from the waist down as he finger fucked her until she came with his tongue waiting to lap up her sweet, salty juices. When she came, she groaned his name and wrapped her legs around him, trying to hold him the best she could. When her pussy stopped convulsing around his fingers, he lifted her off the counter and lowered himself and her to the floor. She straddled his cock and slowly pressed him into her. The air hissed out of his teeth. “God you feel good baby. I’ve missed that tight, wet puss wrapped around my cock.” She began to rise and fall on him and he reached for her ample breasts. He tweeked her nipples as she rode him, making her moan and getting her wetter still.

“Fuck baby, I’m about to come, come with me.” He reached between them and found her clit and pushed her over the edge for a second time as he filled her, her screaming her pleasure. “You are beautiful baby. You are mine.” Grayson said between breathes. Matilda had fallen to his chest as she collected her own breath. His hands running up and down her back. “I love you,” he whispered.

If you enjoyed, or even if you didn’t. Leave me a comment. I hope you’ve enjoyed the latest on Grayson and Matilda. As always, happy reading.


36 thoughts on “Felicity’s Flash Challenge -Beauty

  1. […] of the flash for Felicity. So if you want to see the end, you’ll have to go to this post for her. […]

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  2. Lol…too? Bad too or good too?

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  3. Gotta go to sleep. Let me know, k? Thanks and gnight.


  4. Felicity says:

    That’s beautiful in my book πŸ˜‰ Whew! LOL
    Thank you!

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