Flash Friday – #3

This is the beginning of the flash for Felicity. So if you want to see the end, you’ll have to go to this post for her. 😉

“Matilda, have you been avoiding me?” Grayson approached Matilda in the lounge after a week of sudden meetings, child care issues, and tutoring.

“No,Grayson, I haven’t. I’ve been in class every day,” she was lying to him and he knew it. “I’ve just been very busy…” His mouth cut off her words. His fingers entangled in the hair at the nape of her head, pulling, forcing her head back. His tongue envaded her open mouth and claimed her as his.

His invasion was a welcome reprieve for Matilda, but it was shortly lived. “What the hell, Mattie? I thought we agreed he’s not good for you!” Casey’s shrill voice broke the tension building. Grayson tore away from her hungry lips with pain shadowing his eyes.

“Not good for you, huh?” The accusation in his silent voice was a fist in Matilda’s side. He knew she needed him, he knew she wanted him. The clear desire shown bright in her eyes, but then the guilt confirmed her part. He rested his head on her brow and entreated, “Do you truly feel this way? Do you not want this?” He pressed his aching cock against her knee.

The only answer she knew he would accept escaped her lips in a shattered whisper, “I’m yours.” This is all he needed to whirl around on Casey and put the stuck up, self-centered bitch in her place.

“And who the hell do you think you are telling Matilda who she should be with on her own time? How do you know what is or isn’t good for her? What do you even know about who or what we are to each other?”  He started at Casey in his righteous indignation. “What exactly do you think your role is in this part of her life?”

Casey backed up a few paces, but didn’t back down. “I’m her best friend. You haven’t even batted an eye lash in her direction until she was posted to your class. She is not the type of girl you always go after. You…”

“Enough!” he roared at her. “You don’t know anything about me. I don’t know who you think I have been flirting with all this time? Certainly not you! You are a twig with half a brain. Your so called best friend is beautiful and inspiring. She deserves to be happy. What exactly is your problem?”

“You can’t give her what she needs,”  Casey whispered and turned an imploring eye to Matilda.

“I never said I was unhappy with my situation. You were the one who has kept me busy all this week with surprise IEP meetings, not being able to watch the boys for a little while so I could catch up on plans with Grayson and pushing your after school tutoring on me. I told you I was having fun with a guy and finally getting out from behind my ex’s shadow and you said I was acting different and it was weird. I shrugged and said maybe. That’s all. I never agreed with you. And you didn’t know who it was.” Matilda found her voice, the one that intimidated everyone around her. “My private life is mine and not up for debate. I appreciate your friendship, but you aren’t my mother and you don’t have the right to say who I can and cannot see on my down time.” Matilda gathered the bag she dropped on the table on her way in and left the silently fuming room.


3 thoughts on “Flash Friday – #3

  1. VictoryInTrouble says:

    uh-oh, hopefully he goes after her!

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  2. […] is the end of the previous flash. But this part, I felt, was more in the realm of the topic given by Felicity in her Flash Friday […]

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