Flash Friday – #2

Grayson and Matilda are just getting started, but maybe you need a little back story from where we started last time. I am sorry for the jumping around in their story. My brain rarely works in chronological order. πŸ˜… I truly hope you enjoy the next installment.

“Matilda, do you mind staying after school for a few minutes? I have a couple questions about the new IEPs.” Grayson’s voice melted over Matilda like honey. The last time Grayson asked her to stay behind, she was still very much in the dark, her little fascination with her new co-teacher was getting a bit out of hand. He wasn’t the type she normally liked. All tall and lanky, but he moved like he owned the universe and had a strut that could force anyone with eyes to stop and stare.
She remembered her answer, “Sure thing, Mr. Leija. Just let me call down to the office and let Jen know that I’ll be a few minutes getting the boys.” The boys, always her first priority, needed to be tended to first before any fantasies started roaming her mind. So after she secured a short time babysitter with the office secretary, she turned back to a wide smiling Grayson. “What?”
“Just you,” he mumbled as he strode toward her with a mission in his eyes. “You’re beautiful and sexy and God I want you.” His last words fell from his lips as his round lips crashed into hers and the shock sprung the mouth open, allowing him entrance. His soft, silky tongue caressed along the center line of hers and he tasted of his mouthwash, the one she had smelled ever time he spoke too closely to her.
She had known he was pursuing her ever since the first day, but she hadn’t taken it seriously. He was a flirt, he flirted with her previous co-teacher every chance he got. Calling her beautiful, sexy, lovely. Always in front of Matilda as well, so as his tongue explored her willing mouth, she had to think, maybe, just maybe he had been flirting with her all along and not Casey.
Matilda pushed against his chest, though wanting him to continue, she had to know he wasn’t just using her. “I thought you were attracted to Casey, everyone did. The way you flirt,”
“With you. I can’t help it that the two of you are connected at the hip. I don’t even acknowledge her if you’re not around. You are the one that makes my cock jump, not her bony ass.” Matilda stared in shock, no one had ever talked to her in that matter. “I’m sorry if my crass ways have offended you. I’m sure that it was too much, but I want you in a way that can’t be explained.”
She couldn’t help it, she blurted, “Why?” His perplexed expression urged her to explain the outburst. “I mean, why me? Casey is gorgeous, way prettier than a teacher should be, and I’m just plain Jane.”
He grinned and moved toward her again, pressing his forehead to hers, “You are worth ten of her. You are beautiful in every sense of the word. Not just outside, but inside too. Your passion is the sexiest thing about you, and I don’t see that in anyone else here. You,”
Matilda cut his words off with her mouth on his again. She was unsure of why she kissed him, but she knew she needed to do it. His hands roamed down her back and grabbed her ass and squeezed sending a chill down her spin. No one had ever touched her like that, not even her husband.
No chills now. When she turned from the phone and found herself bare inches from his hard body, she knew her body’s reaction. He was sex on a stick. She wanted him and he knew it. His sexy “I’ll fuck you ten shades to Sunday” grin plastered on his face as he reached out and popped the first button of her blouse. “Pull that tight little skirt up, lose the panties, hop up on the lab table. I know you wore that to fuck with me. You’ve been shaking your fine ass around all day, taunting me, making me hard all fucking day. It took all I had not to screw your tight little pussy right there in front of the seniors.” He had already unleashed his bulging cock and was barely waiting on her to do what she was told.
Matilda tried to reign in her excitement, but she had done exactly as he said within seconds and was spread, waiting, making the table slick with how wet she was. He pressed his hand into her chest and laid her back, then made contact; his mouth on her wet lips, tongue wrapping her clit, sucking and licking. She moaned loudly as her hips bucked toward his tongue, needing more.
“Hush, Matilda. I didn’t lock the doors. God you taste good.” He bent down again and shoved his tongue into her licking up her wetness, tasting her completely. She felt his hard cock slap the inside of her calf as he licked and bit her. Her quiet groaning became a strong moan the closer she got. Then Grayson stopped, stood and slammed into her, filling her so quickly she sat up.
Her mouth was immediately taken by his salty flavored kisses as he reared back and slammed into again. Her loud moan was swallowed by his kisses. He picked up the speed, fucking her prone form as she dug her nails into his shirt. When she was about to explode, he releases her mouth and bit her neck, none to gently, and her pussy clenched around him as lights exploded behind her eyes and his name left her body in admiration and exhalation as he filled her and seeped out slowly.

I hope you enjoyed. Please leave me a message with any comments. As always, happy reading.


2 thoughts on “Flash Friday – #2

  1. VictoryInTrouble says:

    I didn’t see this before. That was fucking hot! I like these two. I don’t think you should worry about chronology, just keep doin’ what you’re doin’! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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